He doesn't seem very interested but keeps asking me on dates... what is up with that?

well he doesn't seem interested meaning he doesn't call me unless he's asking me out on a date..he doesn't usually return my calls either... we've gone on 2 dates last saturday I turned him down for a date and I tried calling him in the beginning of this week and he never returned my calls or called me... then last night shows up at my work before we closed (with his friends to eat) and whatever then wanted to know what I was doing after work and I said I was going home and he was like oh well do you have to and I said no and then he said well if we do something I'ma give you a call and I said okay.

then he invites me to go to his game that was today and he said it was out of town and he'd be sleeping there.. so I said I'll ask my parents and let him know... texted him last night and said I'm pretty sure I can go I need the details and he said OK I'll let you know something tomorrow... and it's past 10 and I haven't heard from him!

The day before our first date I called him twice and he didn't answer.. then calls the the day to ask me out...

his brother said he's really chill about things... so idk

i just finished watching "he's just not that into you" and well he doesn't seem interested but why doe he keep asking me to do stuff? and when we do go out he's introducing me to all of his friends and being a total sweetie.. he'll make eye contact with me and smile a lot, put his arm around me hug me...

is girls not his main priority?

If he's not interested why does he ask me to hang out with him?


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  • Well, it's possible he's just really poor at calling. Like he's forgetful about things. (For a variety of reasons...)

    It's also possible that he's trying not so seem too interested in some of these cases. (However, when he says he'll call you and doesn't, that goes beyond not seeming too interested.)

    It's also possible that he's interested in more people than you.

    Regardless, he seems interested in you. However, he is not interested in anything more than a casual thing. (Dating, hanging out, and whatnot.)

    When he doesn't call, then call him out on it. It's rude for him not to.


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  • The warning signs are all there sweet heart. He probably has more than one girl he's dealing with and the problem is girls are his priority but not with just one. He mentioned about going to an out of town game and he'd be sleeping there - meaning that he probably wanted you to sleep with him. And he wants you to hang out with his friends because he probably shows off on how girls he can get. Don't be another number - find a guy who will like you and will return your calls.

  • He is interested in you. If he wasn't interested in you he wouldn't ask you out on dates. He probably really is just chill about things. That doesn't mean he isn't interested it just means he has other things going on in his life. Some guys purposefully don't return phone calls and things like that because they don't want to seem too needy or easy.


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