I'm about to date a d1 female swimmer (not trying to be arrogant). Tips to not mess anything up?

I don't want to come across as arrogant. That being said this is a huge opportunity for me. I was a VERY awkward shy, quiet guy before college. The whole time I've been finding out my place in the universe and how to be the best human being I can be: confident, physically fit, funny, successful, intelligent, etc. I've been blessed with good looks, so I was able to get two girlfriends before college actually. So I met this girl on "date my school" and weirdly enough, she swims for the team at my school. That's pretty insane. She's really cool from what I've insinuated over texting her like all day for the last three days. I'm going to go on a walk with her to get to know her better Wednesday night. I like to pretend like my confidence level is literally represented by the infinity sign, and that I'm the only one who can stop myself from my goals. I've figured a lot of things out so far, but as of now my social life is mediocre (not that bad, just mediocre). I'm afraid that I'll find a way to screw it up. I know this is a really good opportunity to meet someone cool, have more time to actually spent with someone and not be alone, not feel lonely, and have more parties and such to go to. Tips? I'm not good at writing by the way. I'm getting the impression that I'm coming across in the description as a nerd haha.


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  • How about you treat her like a normal girl?

    I'm dating a D1 swimmer too and trust me, he's not amused by swimmer references. I once asked him if he wanted to go swimming with me one day and he was like, "Babe, I have double practices today. The LAST thing I want to do between them is go swimming."

    Don't treat her like she's on some pedestal. She puts her pants on the same way you do - one leg at a time.

    Also, please don't get all man-hurt about it if she can beat you in an arm wrestle contest or bench more than you (although swimmers bench for endurance, not muscle bulk), and don't get offended if she's in better shape than you.

    Start off simple - favorite color, favorite food, etc. You can ask her about swimming if you want, like what her stroke is, whether or not she enjoys swimming...my boyfriend is a very good swimmer but he doesn't particularly enjoy it :p

    Oh, and treat her like a lady. As a D1 swimmer odds are she's going to have man shoulders and very narrow hips. Not that that means anything but since you seem to be a beginner at this whole deal...don't mention that to her :p Unless she brings it up (a LOT of my friends are swimmers and they bring it up a lot lol) in which case completely disagree with her.

    • Yeah, I've been trying to get to know her over the past few days. I think we're on a pretty good note right now. Thanks for the insight by the way. And as for physically, I can actually bench around 250 haha so I think I'm OK. The main "issue" is confidence. I've had a revelation of sorts about how to be confident and I see life differently now, but I still don't particularly trust myself.

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  • Go with the flow... Things never go as planned...

    Btw if you like to think your confidence lvl is represented by the infinity sign then you really shouldn't even need people's advice because your suppose to be self assured... Also telling people about your self discovery made your description way longer when it could have been shorter like " I made a lot of self discovery these last few years and I don't wanna mess it up with this girl any advice?" Also I believe you used the word insinuated wrong...

    • I mean it's definitely a good guideline to have. I'm not saying that's the way I currently am, but I'm improving every day on the confidence aspect of my personality. I think you're right. I should just stop thinking about "messing up." I'm better than having thoughts like that.

  • #1: No swimming jokes. She's heard them all by now, so you'll only be the tool to repeat whatever is in your repertoire for the 84th time in her life.

    #2: PIIHB

    #3: ?

    #4: Profit