7 Reasons Why Schools Are Not Needed In Our Days


First of all, I'm going to ask these questions. What have you actually learned from school? And, among those things you learned there, which actually came helpful, later in your life?

My personal answer is, only the basic things we learned during the first grades. Apart from those, nothing was helpful.

Anyway, let's examine the reasons why schools are not important.

1) Being book-smart is not important

7 Reasons, Why Schools Are Not Needed In Our Days.

Being book-smart might help you academically, and help you with your career as well, but it won't help you in more realistic things in your daily life. Urban dictionary here gives some great sentences as examples:

Sure she's book smart, but she can't cook a potato!

A book smart professor was hit by a bus. Brilliant on paper, dull in life.

People who say stuff like Do your homework, so you can succeed in your life make me feel disappointed about humanity. No you don't need a homework in order to succeed, and even get punished if you don't. Just ridiculous. In fact it'll make you school even more.

Also from my personal experience, people who have finished universities and all those awesome things, are often snobbish and less down to earth.

2) Being taught needless stuff

7 Reasons Why Schools Are Not Needed In Our Days

As I said in my prologue, how many of those things we got taught in school, came in handy later? Why on earth someone should learn all those complicated Physics and Math terms? Unless they want to study Physics or Math, I don't see how on earth they'll come in handy if you want to cook a potato or do the laundry.

3) Internet exists

7 Reasons Why Schools Are Not Needed In Our Days

That's why I said in our days on my title. And perhaps this is the most important reason of the present MyTake. Internet is more or less an unlimited library. And most of all a FREE one. You can find anything you want, and you can learn anything you want with just a few clicks. Does a single teacher have the same amount of knowledge? I don't think so.

4) Less Bullying

7 Reasons Why Schools Are Not Needed In Our Days

Well, for many kids school isn't always pleasant because of bullying (which has its roots in bad parenting, usually). Bullying isn't uncommon. If you've been bullied in school then you'll know how hard it was for you, to go there every morning, to meet the kids who were making your school life a living hell.

5) Loss of time for many

7 Reasons Why Schools Are Not Needed In Our Days

Like, why should a kid go there every morning, without his/her will in order to be taught stuff he/she won't need later in his/her life (see #2). And not only. See #5 as well. Being bullied and being taught things you don't like on an almost daily basis? An easy way for someone to be driven insane, at a young age.

6) School won't help you to socialize

7 Reasons Why Schools Are Not Needed In Our Days

If you are the loner type, school won't help you to socialize. You'll just hang around in the corner, far away from the other kids. Many people say Your best friends, are those you met in school. It's definitely far from true.

7) Teaching you how to be a pawn of society

7 Reasons Why Schools Are Not Needed In Our Days

This is something that schools are basically teaching you. Being sent to a school at a young age, and obeying and following orders that you don't even agree with. Have you ever actually met any teachers without the kind of behavior I'm the man/woman who knows everything, and you're not allowed to defy me.? Personally not.

And here's where the "Book-smart" trait comes in. Try to achieve good grades, then go to a university and then kiss your job's boss shoes (I'd say something else here, but it won't be proper.). Congratulations, you are now nothing more than a pawn of society.

I know I will receive lots of hate, from school-freaks and people who accepted to became pawns of society, but no problem go on. Hope you'll open your eyes one day, and realize that school has very VERY little importance, and perhaps you might be a better person if you never went there. And by the way, I should also add I'm not an angry teenager who hates school for whatever reasons. I'll turn 25 this year, and I've realized school taught almost nothing to me apart from the basics.

Just 3 words that sum up this myTake: School is overrated.

7 Reasons Why Schools Are Not Needed In Our Days
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