Do your colleagues make fun of you at work?

Mine tend to crack jokes at my expense. We all joke about each other but I'm fairly positive that I'm the designated butt of a joke most of the time.

Here's a small story from today actually.

On our way back from a cafeteria, our boss telling us how he's going abroad with friends on a fishing trip for a week.
He mentions how they're going to an island where there are really big rabbits because the wolves couldn't get on that island, causing the rabbit population to grow big and fat.
So here's me - a guy with a moderate interest in how nature works, who understands that everything works in cycles and that there's a reason for something being and not being in a certain area.
So after he told us how the wolves can't get to the island, I thought to myself, "oh, interesting - so there are some natural or man-made barriers that prevent wolves from getting there that do not stall the bunnies from getting there? Hm, I wonder what are those? Some toxic flora? Dangerous waterways that are somehow better for rabbits to swim over? Human activity? Low wolve population in the surrounding areas? So many options, I wonder which one is the answer as to why ''wolves can't get there''"

So I ask the fateful question that caused everyone in the car to laugh: "So how do the rabbits get there?"

Everyone laughs, I don't get why and then my boss has what for them was obviously a highly self-evident answer to a self-evident question - "lol they just are there and that's it."

Like, for the entire ride back I was silent not out of shame but out of frustration. I mean, yeah no shit, obviously they are fucking there while the wolves aren't but it's the ''why'' I was interested in.

This situation was so frustrating not because people laughed (though that pissed me off too), but because no one had even bothered to ask me if I was interested in specifics but instead everyone thought I didn't understand the self-evidence of it all.

Ffs and how to explain to them that they're the retards.
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Do your colleagues make fun of you at work?
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