Would you recommend working for Apple?

#1 Wtf GAG just do with the latest update. The mobile browser site looks ugly af with the new layout when clicking to “ask a question” 😂
#2 I’m tired of my job and these psycho ass trainees. This girl said she wanna light a blunt and set the place on fire. She got people scared to work tomorrow. She legit cussed out and physically threatened so many supervisors and clients today and they still won't fire her. I think its because she's a previous employee but also because she and her mom are friends with certain people in upper management. I don't know but i wanna stay on her good side. 🤣
#3 Everyone keeps suggesting to work at Apple at least temporarily until i get a job that treats me better than my current. I mean i wonder is it hard to come by because based off what people here are saying, its not. They claim they only do a quarter of what i do at work and they still make good pay and only work 7-3:30, 8-4. I mean i know someone who works for Microsoft tech support and legit told the caller “I’ve never even played xbox. I’m all for playstation but we’re gonna figure these Xbox tech issues out together.” I mean, My job has asked us to extend training into next week and the week after. All they do is lie and change your schedule last minute. So i said some things today and now i will not be attending class to train people next week, I’ll be chilling at the house 🤷‍♀️
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Lmao i dont know shit about Apple tbh. If it wasn't for the tv guide, I wouldn't remember who Steve Jobs was. I like iphones better than androids but i dont like apple products. Their macs are difficult to work compared to Windows and I've never even touched an ipad nor ipod. Lol so i probably wouldn't be knowledgable enough to join the company. I dont even like all this new tech shit. I just imagined its a fun job
Would you recommend working for Apple?
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