How do I convince my parents to let me own an Etsy shop?

I can legally own one by myself. I’m old enough. But my parents are control freaks. Will not let me take driving school, get a job, have social media, or any sort of banking or anything. But it’s my life dream to be a small Etsy owner we’re I can sell my art. The price to do this is only like 25 cents, so I could start and run it on my own. I am 3years ahead of my class in math so managing finances wouldn’t be a problem. I am an artist so I already have all my supplies and some skill. The only thing I would need them to do is make me a bank account.
And this isn’t a passing phase for me. I have wanted to do this for years, and it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life, however I have to start now in hopes of making this a viable career. 23% of sellers on Etsy this is their full time job, so it’s not unheard of, and it’s not impossible. I know all the math, the hidden fees, marketing strategies, products, shipping, everything but they still say no. My mom says she isn’t an entrepreneur, and can’t understand why I want to do this. I think my dad would be semi supportive, but if I go ask him now, my mom will think I’m going behind her back, and if I ask them together he will side with her. They don’t understand how important it is to me.
Please I’m trying to understand their perspective. Is there something I don’t know about that they are trying to protect me from, or how do I convince them to let me use it.
How do I convince my parents to let me own an Etsy shop?
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