Have you gotten laid off? How did you take it?


Sooo i went to my job for a while, and i come back on Friday. Just recently. Back home anyways, where my mail is. I see my mail. Car insurance threatening to cancel my service if I don't pay up, life insurance, life insurance, life in- Oh, a letter from my job. Wonder what's it abou-

We're getting a mass layoff. We will all be out of a job in June. I just said to a guy I can pay for the room and now... this sum bullshi-

In a way, I'm glad. It now makes me feel good to know I didn't give them my 100%, because they didn't deserve it. And they said the employees with good standing will probably be hired by the next cargo company. I... go fk ya self. Good riddance.

Sooo had such a situation?

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Sooo went in this morning to confirm that this layoff isn't a bunch of bullshit with their name- it is for real. Asked the security guy and said "Yeah, (company) is done, and gonna be switched with other company. Soo if you wanna work with them, you have to do it with them and it'll take more processing."

So in a word, I'm laid off officially. :)
Have you gotten laid off? How did you take it?
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