Pet Peeves! What Are Yours?

Pet peeves! What are yours??

We all know that everyone has at least one pet peeve. I happen to have several and they all drive me up the wall!! I will make this very sweet and to the point :P

1) When people say "axe" instead of "ask."

"Jodie, can I axe you a question?"

2) When people say "exspecially" instead of "especially.

3) When people say "meh" when referring to themselves in a text message.

"You must really love meh."

4) Wet counters and anything that drips water.

When you go to grab something from the kitchen and the entire counter is still wet from being cleaned and now your hands/elbows are wet too. Disgusting! I also have to mention sweaty water bottles especially during the summer...

5) When people are way too close and don't understand the concept of personal space.

I can feel their breath really close to me and it's freaking annoying!

6) When you're in a major rush and people are walking like turtles in front of you.

If they saw me running like a mad woman just a moment ago why aren't they making room for me to pass??

7) When girls crowd the bathroom mirror when all I want to do is wash my hands.

I never thought washing my hands would be this difficult...

8) When people blatantly look at you and whisper...

Yeah, I never would have guessed that they're talking about me

9) When people use "their," "they're," and "there" incorrectly in a sentence

No further explanation. I thought we all had grammar and spelling lessons as children??

10) Cheaters.

Whether it's during a test, on a spouse, or just cheating to get to the top. Luckily it has never happened to me, but I would never take back a cheater.

11) When people are WAY too chatty and clearly don't know what they're talking about.

Yap ayapapapappppp. No thank you. Especially class show-offs who pretend like they know everything when they clearly don't. Did you even read the assigned chapter??

12) When people don't cover their mouths when they yawn, cough, or sneeze.

I don't need to see what's in your mouth. If you're sick, please don't spread your germs because my cold will last for 2 weeks and I can't afford to take time off work/school...

13) When people chew with their mouths open

Why do I need to see what you just ate?! That's gross on so many levels.

14) When it's way too obvious who wears the pants in a relationship

The person isn't even free to be himself/herself and are "scolded" for being dorky/goofy/silly. If you have such an issue with them then why are you even dating in the first place?! I believe in equality and would never reprimand my significant other for being uniquely beautiful from the inside and out.

15) When people purposely put other people down

Why is that even necessary? If you're really as amazing as you claim to be, you wouldn't need to constantly point it out to other people.

16) Guys who show off to girls by being jerks.

Am I supposed to be impressed that you made that girl over there cry?? If anything that makes you less attractive and horribly mean :(

17) When teachers are absent-minded.

"Oh gee. Where did I put that pen?? (tucked behind ear). Then they spend the next ten minutes searching for a pen that is literally within arm's reach. I'm supposed to trust you to teach me about World War I when you can't even remember where you put your flipping pen??

18) When salespeople are stuck-up snobs.

"Excuse me. Do you know where I can find workout tank tops??"

"Um...can't you see I'm talking here??" Oh I'm sorry. I thought it was your job to direct me to the right location and cater to what I need help with? So sorry I interrupted such an "important" conversation

Those are the only ones I can come up with right now. Please share your own pet peeves & I'm sorry if you're guilty of any of the things I described above. I still love all of you lol :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • One of the biggest ones I found that annoys me kind of goes hand with the "walking like turtles" one. Rather, I am referring to people who travel in multi-person groups and walk spread out in one line across the walkway, blocking anyone trying to pass. It's not the fact they are walking slow, but rather walking spread out.

    What also annoys me are individual people who walk in the very middle of a smaller pathway, blocking anyone who wants to go faster than them on either side.

    It'd help people traffic move faster if everyone stayed on the right side unless they are trying to pass people.

    Another thing that really irritates me are people who see a friend while walking to class, so they stop in the very middle of a pathway to talk. Like it would take only a few seconds to stand over off to the side smh. Then everyone else has to walk around them. And, when they get pushed off by someone else because they are in the way, they get angry at the accidental push :/
    It was worse in high school, but it definitely still happens a lot around campus here.

    • I'm with you lol :) It drives me crazy too! Did any other ones annoy you or am I just intolerant? ahaha :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • My most pet peeve is number 15. I can't stand when people who think they're prettier, better, smarter, or stronger than somebody hold other people back who they think are less prettier than them. But when the tables turns, they seek out hellish revenge. You don't have to do anything wrong to ANYONE, but yet they will tear you down for some stupid reason they just come up with. Just hypocritics and dictators, a bunch of bullies and snobs. Did they ever not take a look at themselves in the mirror? Did they ever not listen to themselves? I mean, look how you sound? They act like babies, they dont have no mannerism, they dont know how to treat people of how they wanted to be treated. You might as well disrespect your elders like your grandmother for example anyways. I tell you what those of you people who are snobs, the same thing you did to other people, the same thing other people can do to you. You got a whole lot to learn about life, you are far way behind from learning. You got a long way to go. I ain't going nowhere. deal with it. Get used to it. If not, kill yourself if you really think I'm very horrible to look at or hard to deal with in which you wouldn't. You can go to hell or kill yourself but I ain't going nowhere, I don't care what you think.


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What Guys Said 16

  • Yep, a lot of these are pretty good, and couldn't agree more about the snobby sales people. It tends to be African-Americans from D. C. who say "axed" (and I am also African-American).

    Mine are:
    - Black women thinking black men hate their own race cuz we date white girls or Latinas (so simple-minded).
    - People not having the courage to speak up out of some fear of backlash or scrutiny.
    - Nasty secretaries and nurses.
    - People snorting shit out their nose and spitting it on the street.
    - When women admit an issue with their gender only if they can blame guys for it.
    - People who like making it known they went to college and have a degree. It doesn't make you an intelligent or greater person, it just means you got a piece of paper for the field you studied in.
    - Idiots who like to rip up the road or race the redlight, especially when they got their engines done up to roar really loud.
    - Guys whining about how hard it is to get a date or get laid.
    - Lies and misinformation that media purposely uses to make people think a certain way.

    • Absolutely! Couldn't have said it better myself lol :)

  • Smokers that litter their cigarette butts. It is rude, selfish and actually very bad for the environment and wildlife. I don't litter my candy wrapper cigarette butts are no different, it is also gross.

  • #9! Definitely! Also when they don't know the difference between "your" and "you're"!

    As far as my pet peeves, I can't stand it when people drive under the speed limit. Or when they get into the passing lane and then proceed to drive the exact... same... speed as the car in the right lane!

    • LOL :) I agree with yours too! :) I also hate it when people don't admit they're wrong when I literally just proved it ahaha :P

  • You have mentioned some good ones, I also don't have a lot of tolerance for people who are simply oblivious to everything except themselves.

  • shitty ass negligent mufu dumb ass decision making stupid fucking drivers.

  • When people screw up plurals. Like if the want to make the plural of dog (which is just dogs) they add an apostrophe (dog's). Drives me crazy.

    • Annoys me too lol :) Hopefully I didn't do that in my article :)

  • I'm VERY big on manners. Saying please and thank you, saying excuse me when in close proximity to others, having tact when saying one's opinion, etc.

  • when someone repeatedly taps the crosswalk button at an intersection..

    some will lean against the pole and establish a rhythm pounding it...


  • My pet peeve is SJW's.

  • Wholy fuck that's a lot of pep peeves. I just got like 1 or 2. When people don't walk on escalators. And when people say sorry too much.

    • What can I say, lol :) I'm a really easygoing person but these things truly irk me for some reason lol :) If people don't do the things listed above I'm a very accepting person :P

  • Excessively bad spelling, not text language, but bad spelling.

    Like my friend who always spells "hey" like "hay".

    • My ex boyfriend did that all the time & it drove me nuts lol :)

  • When girls dont send me boob pics. I mean they have boobs, they have a phone. Come on. (I am joking)

    • That's strangely logical... ahahahah :)

  • Lying

  • Sadly to many to list.

  • When people say "everthink" instead of "everything".

    • Never had that happen to me but I'm sure I'd be annoyed too lol :)

    • It happens a lot in the UK... in fact a lot say "Overfink".

    • That's strange lol :) Another thing that drives me crazy is when people say "tots" for totally or "cray" for crazy! Why do they do that? I just think they're trying to be cool/popular (doesn't work for me though) :)

  • People who judge others that have never walked in their shoes.


What Girls Said 8

  • I agree with some of the above, people who don't cover their mouth, rude salespeople, talking with your mouth full of food and putting others down.
    1) people who fart and burp and think it's funny.
    2) people who use initials instead of the whole word trying to sound cool (ikr, omg, yolo..)
    3) walking around the house barefoot and stepping on something, be it water, dirt or object.
    4) the sound of wood rubbing on wood
    5) people who think they are always right
    6) people who spend their energy on getting revenge

  • all of those are pretty good. My BIGGEST pet peeve is a lack of personal hygiene. Especially on public transport and especially if there are various fantastic smells involved. I'm just grossed out by people and germs in general, but if they add to it by wearing dirty clothes and dirty shoes and skip showers that annoys the hell out of me.

    Also, when someone sits next to you and take up half your seat as well or deliberately sit so they are touching you or pushing you out of your seat. Lol I sound like I hate human contact don't I.

  • Add-on to #4: Stepping in water, especially with socks.

    I also can't stand people who don't use turn signals.

  • People with too many pet peeves is my biggest pet peeve. Lol.

  • When people tell me to smile. 2) when people try to generalize you by saying you're like group A, when you know you're not. 3) when people act like you should be on their side just because you're the same gender 3) when people can't accept a difference of opinion, so they act like you should feel guilty.. or like you're stupid 4) when people tell you that it's ok to be different, and then get mad when you are. 5) double standards on every level 6) when people lie 7) when people manipulate... the list goes on

  • -How are you doing? How's your day?
    You already know my response, and even if I did say "I'm not fine" most likely, you wouldn't be able to do anything. The same cycle over and over.
    -When people don't clean after themselves.
    -You already have a response in your head that you dont listen to what is being said. (im a hypocrite though cuz i do that all the time)
    -When my dog decides it's okay to bark at everyone who walks by.
    -No toilet paper
    -No food

  • I don't know why but it really bothers me when people don't hold the door for the people that are RIGHT behind them! "It's like, um hello? Yes I know I'm 5'2 and your 6ft but could you hold the bloody door? No? Ok just slam it in my face then!" It's just so irritating!

  • When guys brag about penis size.