Acting: Stress Relieving Magic! (My story and a message)

Acting: STRESS RELEAVING MAGIC!!! (My story and a message)

I've been stressed lately, and, let's be honest, who isn't stressed out at one point in their life? The thing is, I go to an art school, and recently my sister had me try out for a play. I, having stage fright, was reluctant, but I agreed anyway.

I am so happy that I tried out now. I have been trying out for plays since grade seven, and this is the first time I've gotten in. It was an amazing experience, because we were unscripted at first. We actually put the play together as we went along.

More to the point: opening night. We're all nervous. Everyone is running around backstage, getting ready for act one. My heart is POUNDING in my chest. I have never been so afraid to mess up. The curtain opens, and the play starts. I'm waiting backstage, trying to get all the little kids to be quiet for two seconds.

Then the first song starts. It's 'Heal the World', sung by the choir, and the music draws me to the edge of the curtain. I can see the audience singing along. The actors swaying and waving their arms. All the stress melts away.

Then it's my part. I come onto stage with my mic. My heart is pounding once more. I say my line, get off stage as fast as possible, and breath. It's over.

After, everyone is hugging and cheering and even crying. We got a standing ovation. I actually FORGOT about my stress and anxiety and was laughing. I made new friends. I was so happy.

My point is, long as my story was, that, no matter your confidence, you should never underestimate the sheer power of acting onstage. Be it band, drama, improve or choral. Acting is an amazing experience that carries your worries and stress far away. Don't be sceptical. My play was weeks ago and I'm still smiling and dancing down the halls like an idiot.

So get out there! Try out! You might not get in, but even auditions are amazing for your self-esteem!! I hope that, once you hear the cheers and feel the heat of the stage lights on your skin, you will never look back again.


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  • Nice MyTake. Most of the things I love I was scared to do when I first started 🙂


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