40 years since the passing of Elvis Presley: My top ten Elvis songs

Elvis was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. But sadly he passed away too young. His mark can still be heard and seen in music today. Here are 10 of my fave Elvis tunes.

Guitar Man

Stuck On You

Jailhouse Rock

Heartbreak Hotel

That's All Right

Mystery Train

Can't help falling In love

Devil in disguise

In The Ghetto

Kentucky Rain

What are your favorite Elvis Tunes?



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  • The scene was set for a night of heavy passion, as Elvis Presley welcomed one of Hollywood's most beautiful young actresses into his suite at the exclusive Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
    Then 21, Presley was the biggest heart-throb in the U. S. and his date on that September night in 1956 was 18-year-old Natalie Wood, the Oscar-nominated star of Rebel Without A Cause and a wild-child with many previous lovers.
    Realising the publicity value if the two got together, Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker had arranged for them to meet earlier that day on the set of his movie Love Me Tender. For Wood the attraction was instant, but less than 20 minutes after entering Presley's bedroom that night, she stormed out of the door.
    'What's the matter with your boss?' she asked his hangers-on. 'He's all hands and no action. I thought he was supposed to be king of the sack, but he doesn't want to do it with me.'
    She should not have taken Presley's lack of ardour so personally. As a disturbing new biography of the 'King' suggests, the 18-year-old siren was simply too old for Presley. Shockingly, he preferred girls who were barely more than children.

    Most famously there was his future wife, Priscilla Beaulieu, who was just 14 - ten years his junior - when they met in September 1959. Although sexual from the start, their relationship was portrayed as a sweet and innocent triumph of love across the age divide. In fact, it was just one of Presley's many unsettling liaisons with minors in the years following his rise to fame.
    'But within months, she had a rival for his affections in a harem of three adolescent girls, including a petite dark-haired beauty named Frances Forbes. She was 13 when she began hanging around the gates of Presley's home on Audubon Drive, in a fashionable suburb of Memphis.
    'He didn't pay any attention to me then, but when I was 14, he noticed me,' she said. 'Fourteen was a magical age with Elvis. It really was.'
    Along with her friends Gloria Mowel and Heidi Heissen, both also at that 'magical' age, Frances was invited to private pyjama parties in Presley's bedroom.
    During these sessions, he taught the girls how to put on eye make-up the way he liked it - heavy on the shadow and mascara. The evenings would continue with much tickling and kissing, which often went beyond friendly play-fighting.
    'He'd get serious and you'd just push him away,' said Gloria. 'But I think if he had really pushed, I would have done it.'

    • Although he continued to see the trio, Presley's appetite for such encounters was such that in 1957 he asked his agent Byron Raphael to begin procuring more girls for him. There was no shortage of choice, with hundreds desperate to meet him wherever he went.
      Though Presley boasted that he liked sex 'hot and heavy', Raphael confirmed that he was far more interested in heavy petting than anything else, particularly when it came to his 'cherries'.
      He recalled one evening when he brought three young girls into Presley's bedroom. Soon they were all naked, but Presley stayed in his underwear, kissing and fondling them, and eventually falling asleep with his arms around them, as his records played in the background.

    • wow they must've felt very happy to be there

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What Girls Said 2

  • Elvis is not dead. :)

    • I have a cute Elvis story for you. When my mom turned 16, her friend and her friend's parents took her to a restaurant in LA and Elvis was there!

      She got his autograph and his date's autograph. She did not know who his date was but she figured she must be famous too so she asked her to sign the menu, as well.

      My grandpa did not approve of Elvis and my mom always thought my grandpa had destroyed the menu with the autographs on it.

      When my grandpa had passed away, my mom inherited her mom's (my grandma's) hope chest and lo and behold, inside the hope chest was Elvis's autograph. My grandmother had saved it for her. How sweet is that? :)

      by the way - Elvis' date was Rita Moreno so my mom has Elvis' and Rita Moreno's autograph. :)

    • Wow my grandma got to meet Elvis in Tennessee growing up and shook, his hand

    • He was something special.

  • Good choices!


What Guys Said 8

  • Can't Help Falling In Love
    Suspicious Minds
    In The Ghetto
    Always On My Mind
    (although I like the Willie Nelson version better)

  • I definitely thought he had an amazing voice - I liked a few of his songs a lot but not a major fan

  • I think that my favorite Elvis song is Burnin' Love.

  • My favorite ones are

    Can't Help Falling In Love
    Burning Love
    All Shook Up
    Too Much

  • WHAT? :-o Is Elvis dead?

  • What day is the anniversary?

  • RIP Elvis

  • Elvis has left the building...


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