Do NOT Buy Far Cry 5!


Do NOT Buy Far Cry 5!

have never played a game this stupid in my entire life.Let me lay out how my first few hours of gameplay went.

It starts off strong enough, the main villain Joseph seed is menacing and crazy like we all saw from the trailers, and its a beautiful game with lots of great scenery. But the premise felt...small. Far cry 3 had you going up against Vaas and Hoyt, owners of small armies and international trafficking rings, far cry 4 you faced down an ENTIRE COUNTRY and a national military force. What you get now is a presumably small cult of Montana hillbillies. But we'll come back to that.

So i start off on dutchs island, the tutorial area, and get my first taste of the combat. Its a re-skin of the other games with next to nothing new added, and half the guns taken away. That's right, to make it look like they have the same amount of guns they just put the same guns in twice under a different name. Like the AK-47 and the AK-M. They have the exact same stats, and take all the same attachments, but one has a wood stock instead of synthetic, OMFGIJCEFM!!!!!! all the guns have this kind of clone that might as well not be there.

Anyway, after the tutorial area you get suggested 3 different areas to go to to start taking down this cult and its leaders in classic far cry fashion of clearing outposts, blowing shit up, and hunting animals. I chose to take down Faith Seed's area first, and oh my fucking god.

Let's talk about the flowers. Why do they make you hallucinate? Never explained. How has the government never been aware of this plant that just breathing the air around them is a thousand times stronger than LSD? Never explained. Why do both animals and cultists just appear out of a fucking puff of smoke? Even when you're nowhere near the flowers? Never explained! Is faith even a real physical person or just a ghost? NEVER EXPLAINED. How can she just take over the marshalls mind like she's hacked into his brain? NEVER! FUCKING! EXPLAINED!

Do NOT Buy Far Cry 5!

I kept waiting for the twist where somehow they had implanted microchips or something, but no, she just straight up possesses him like a demon without any explanation whatsoever. Consistent game mechanics and storytelling? This game hasn't heard of it.

You remember those hillbillies I mentioned? Yeah, how do they have fighter planes? Attack helicopters? Mounted machine guns? All of this stuff could be accepted when you're dealing with international mercenaries operating outside of a nation state, or when you're fight the actual military of a country, but again, HOW HAS A retarded small town preacher and his band of merry men afforded an army's worth of weaponry and explosives and not been raided by the FBI? This premise is bullshit, they even have some kind of bliss oil condenser bunker that blankets the whole valley in a fog of hallucinogen gas. This is joker and Batman villainy, or doctor Octavius and Spiderman, its stupid af and never explained.

Far cry 5 has ZERO RESPECT FOR YOUR INTNTELLIGENCE OR YOUR DEMAND THAT A GAME MAKE SENSE. yeah the others had over the top action, and trippy moments, and I'm not saying they were perfect, but they ecplained what the fuck was going on. This...this is pure shit!

Do NOT Buy Far Cry 5!

3/10 it's a turd but a shiny one.

Do NOT Buy Far Cry 5!
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  • _ARPY_
    Seems you haven't finishes it yet. Faith was the most BS character but overall i had high hopes for it. Untill i finished it...
    There are 3 main endings for it. Lemme just say that the best one out of 3 is the secret one when you refuse to cuff the father at the beggining, which ends it before it starts.
    I wouldn't spoil the shitty endings but lets just say that this small cult in a small town has nuclear bombs. (Completely makes sense and the government doesn't know about it, right)
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  • ADFSDF1996
    I think it’s a decent game, I give it 8/10 so far. The character customization isn’t very detailed but it’s still better than COD WWII’s character customization. I just hope they add in the Luger P08 in a update.
  • Barrabus_the_Free
    Thanks for the review. I already had no intention of buying it, now I have even less (if that's possible). I get sick of coast dwellers thinking that those of us that live in flyover country are a bunch of bible-banging hayseeds who need to be rescued by the Left Coast Libtards and Na Yak Shitty libtards. When I read the initial blurbs a while before the release date, I noped the fuck out of any thought of buying it.

    Game designers seem to have the same idea as movie makers: flashy effects and lots of explosion's will make up for a complete lack of story, and the shotgun is the be-all, end-all of firearms. So they churn out shit. And the average person rewards them by buying a shit product because it looks good.

    I think what it boils down to with Far Cry 5 is, they wanted Bad Guys in Flyover Country, they wanted Bad Guys that are religious zealots, and they wanted Bad Guys with enough military hardware to be a threat. To hell with whether their idea was even remotely plausible.

    Anyway, thanks for writing a review that wasn't simply "Dis game si teh SUX!" or something equally moronic and devoid of substance. Articulating why you didn't like it is something that far too many people seem unable to do.
  • Lovi87
    Eesh... people need get out more.
    It's only a game... keep your knickers on.
    • No bitch, that's what you tell someone who gets mad because they suck at games and get mad at it. I'm angry because I paid 60 bucks for a product that was absolute garbage. You'd be pretty upset too if you were sold a lie that something you wanted to buy like a coffee maker was this awesome machine, and then all it spits out into your cup is dogshit.

      And you can't get your money back or do anything to the people who sold it to you. Getting scammed by false advertising is worth getting upset over.

    • Lovi87

      lol okay.

  • Liisjak
    Seems like the majority of people enjoyed it, so people should buy it according to the statistics. Just cuz you didn't enjoy it, it doesn't mean the vast majority won't.
    • The majority of people are idiots.

    • Liisjak

      When marketing a game you try to please the majority, that's where the money comes from.

    • That's what I've been tfying to tell people. If you keep paying for shitty games then we're never going to get another last of us or far cry 3, they're going to charge more money for less effort and its fucking bullshit that the masses are just a bunch of brand name dickriders who don't know what qualities constitute a good game.

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  • vishna
    lol, my friend played it and is enjoying so far. Though there was no comment on it making sense.

    I probably wouldn't be into it, my boyfriend is definitely not interested, and this was kinda a nail in the coffin. Back to the Witcher 3 haha
  • shephardjhon
    You will change your mind if you actually play the full game story OR maybe get up to 3 resistance levels in Faith's region.(John's cut-scene).
    OR watch this VICE documentary:
    • I completely finished faiths region. Its still retarded.

    • Well not to spoil anything but one part where John Seed shows up in Faith's region is VERY important to the plot.

  • John_Doesnt
    I don't really care about the story. As long as I get to kill tons of animals, craft items and launch my own "army-of-one" raid on an enemy camp that's all that matters to me.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I liked your mytake. I hate movies, shows, games which are implausible and don't bother to explain unreal things
  • SouthernHospitality
    Your passion is pretty hilarious. Yeah, I found the same thing, a lot of it was unbelievable. But, it's happened before.

    A cult in the 80s had complete control of an entire town, and it's local government (including the police force), was threatening locals, and had armed themselves pretty heavily. They were called the Bhagwan, it's pretty interesting.

    Technology can't stop everything. Its really not that Dar fetched for an armed group (especially in more remote USA) to completely take control of an area without the knowledge of any outside federal authorities, if they can take control of communications inbound and outbound of that area.
  • sp33d
    75ish rating, I guess. The game is kind of.. meh..
    FC3 and 4 delivered a more compelling atmosphere and had their own unique twists to them.
  • jakeofalltrades
    I think you are thinking to hard about it. its not meant to be realistic. its meant for you to have crazy, over the top, action fun. its not trying to convince you its real or possible
  • Takewithagrainofsalt
    I liked far cry 3 and 4. I'd probably like 5 too.
    You just don't know how to appreciate a good video game.
  • LegateLanius
    Thank you. I look forward to reading more of your mytakes.
  • Phoenix98
    You do realize it's not actually illegal for American citizens to own any of that right? If I had the money I could actually buy a military destroyer if I wanted and the movement wouldn't be able to do a thing about it.

    There's even entire armed militias and mercenary groups in the US that have military grade firepower not Apaches or anything like that but gun mounted vehicles, automatic weapons etc yes.

    Now how they got the money for for all that beats me.

    I'll give the LSD flower and the other stuff though, but I mean really it's a made up world you can do whatever you want with it and there have been far weirder games that have been more successful.

    Just roll with it, it's a game your supposed to explore and blow stuff up not compare it with reality.
  • Nivinxus
    Really? I thought it was pretty obvious from the get go, in times of crisis you'd be surprised how easy people become prey to words of 'salvation' and all. I thought Farcry5 implied it quite adequately, but yea, access to weapons such as attack helicopters is also implied, actually at the very beginning. Joseph has followers in law enforcement, no reason to not believe that he has them in the military as well (Jacob is former military after all). Still I thought the game was alright, I didn't think it was that amazing or anything, the gameplay is good and the story is alright.
  • red07net
    i think you haven't played the game to full potential , i finished it recently , i am quite satisfied , and if you dont wanna pay , download a tor****
  • GracefulCharm
    I think you are becoming too old to enjoy videogames like you did when you were a child.

    Video Games are marketed towards kids, the developers don't really care too much about developing a good story anymore. They deliver the barebones and focus on the gameplay. From a developer standpoint, they would add the helicopters and other weaponry because it adds to the gameplay, they didn't bother explaining it well in the story because it's time consuming and story for them doesn't have to be very well thought out as their goal is to meet deadlines and shove the game out the door.
  • Wwwyzzerdd
    Alright, I wasn't going to anyway. Heard it sucked.
  • BeHappy1985
    What do you mean "buy" when you can just get it off the interwebz for free? xD
    • BRAPcel

      is it cracked already?

    • @BRAPcel it has been for about a week now.

    • if you have a tor**** client click this link:

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  • 2opaz
    I always thought Far Cry games sucked anyways

    you dont have to tell me twice
  • Shocker650
    Beat the first one, it was a solid game with a comedic story and coice acting, my biggest oroblem was with it that it was hard as hell, at least on PC, definitely the hardest game I ever completed. The second was boring as hell, Africa is, a pretty boring setting to me and the story was uninteresting in my opinion (never finished it by the way. 3 was the best by far. I liked the atmosphere, the music, the colors, the story, the island, graphics, abd the villains too, especially Vaas, Never played 4 , always looked boring to me, Blood Dragon was a cool little game, and I was never interested in primal. As for 5, It just didn' catch my interest. 3 was soo good for me that I think no other FC game can top it.
  • Deukalion
    LOL ! I am always pre-order Far Cry you post are very late !
    • I know lol, I had to wait before I could buy it. Wish I could've known ahead of time and saved us both 60 bucks. Well probably 80 in your case if you preordered

    • Deukalion

      i don't care about money :)

    • Then give me some moneybags. I saved my Christmas money to get this game and I'm fucking pissed.

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  • sexyasianboi26
    You haven't played Dark souls then lol..
  • Emma_240302
    Thanks for sharing
  • CT_CD
    Okay. I will not buy it
  • Pink2000
    I think I’ll like it
  • nbbn5
  • monkeynutts
  • GayHowellMeme
    Cool myTake
  • Anonymous
    I have no idea what you are talking about. You must have not been paying attention to the story to be so confused and not understand so many aspects of Faith's region. I lover the game. Sure they took a bit of stuff out but that also added so much more. Better helicopters, added good planes, new arcade mode, and best of all complete co-od story mode. A lot of what you are complaining about is just you being picky and could be used to pick apart any game.

    I think it also is a great story and very good at showing how our current western society is so fucked up. On top of that it isn't even made by the same company as Fat Cry 3 and 4. So the fact that you Ubisoft Montreal was able to do a good game that is like the others is amazing. I honestly believe if you don't like this game odd are it's because you don't like how it paints the USA.

    I think it is a great game and advanced the series nicely. I would say an easy 9/10. I hope they do more like it. I honestly don't understand why you hated it so much.
  • Anonymous
    I wasn't going to buy it anyway. I didn't even know about it.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Were you intelligent you would have not written this kind of review.
    • Oh yeah? Well write you're own then bitch. I hated the game, if you like it then waste your money for all I care.

  • Anonymous