Halle Bailey as Ariel: My Opinion On It

Halle Bailey
Halle Bailey

Halle Bailey as Ariel. I'm not going to lie when I saw the casting choice for Ariel my initial thoughts was:

"Aww, I wanted it to be Zendaya."

Zendaya Fanart As Ariel <3
Zendaya Fanart As Ariel <3

I wanted it to be Zendaya because I heard a lot of people saying she doesn't have "the right personality" to be Ariel. She's an actress, she can act like she has a different personality on screen, and Zendaya is an awesome singer, she did great (no pun intended) "In The Greatest Showman" I thought Zendaya would have really suited Ariel.

But then, Disney is Disney for a reason, so Halle can't exactly be a bad actress if they cast her. And plus though I was a little disappointed they didn't give Zendaya the role, as I thought about it, Zendaya does already have her fame, she was in Disney, she's in the new Spider-Man movies, she was in "The Greatest Showman" and now she's in a new HBO Drama series "Euphoria."

I don't think many of us heard of Halle Bailey, she hasn't even been in many things, the only thing I have heard of which she's been in is "Grown-ish" but I haven't got around to watching that yet. I've seen clips of "Grown-ish" and honestly her acting in those clips is good, and I've heard her sing and again, she's pretty good.

What's The Problem Then?

Halle is a black girl. In the cartoon, Ariel was a white girl. Is that really a problem? I don't think so. Ariel is a fictional character, and the last time I checked mermaids don't have a specific race.

Honestly, just think about who this movie is for, yes, we may watch it as fans but it's really for the kids. Little kids are going to watch it, they're not going to care about the colour of Ariel, they're just going to want to watch a movie with singing and a happy ending.

And before you go on saying how the original Little Mermaid was set in Denmark, yes that is correct, the original Little Mermaid was set in Denmark. The remake, however, is going to be set in the sea surrounding a fictional kingdom. This fictional kingdom could be anywhere, it doesn't specifically have to be Denmark. So Ariel can be any race.

In Aladdin, Naomi Scott, the actress who played "Jasmine" wasn't an Arab. She was mixed race, half white, half Indian. She slayed the role of Jasmine, she played the role perfectly, even though there were many doubters, who doubted her acting ability.

I've also heard people say Zendaya should have got the role of Ariel because she's a lighter-skinned black woman.

Why is it we are looking at the skin colour of these women?

I'm certain Zendaya is one hell of an actress. Each role I've seen her play she's made it believable, to me. I think I will love her as MJ in Spider-Man because she's so much more realistic than MJ in the Spider-Man trilogy was. Which high school student do you see that is like MJ in the trilogy? And plus 'the dead on the inside' vibe Zendaya's MJ gives off, again I love it, and she makes it believable. How do I know? Because I've felt that way at school too, and so have my friends. ;P

We're going off on a bit of a roundabout here so let's swerve back to the point (that made no sense, I know).

I can't really say much about Halle's acting. What I've seen of her singing and acting is good but I don't think I've seen enough to call her a 'good actress'. But I can surely count on Disney. They made the right choice for Jasmine, Aladdin, and the Genie, I'm sure they've made the right choice for Ariel.

What I want to judge Halle and Zendaya and any other actor or actress on is their ability to act. Not their skin colour. Not once did I think Zendaya should get the role because she has light skin, I thought she should have got the role because she's a good actress. And I'm not going to completely diss this actress because she's a dark-skinned black girl.

I'd understand people's problem if Ariel actually existed because then it boils down to historical accuracy as well as their ability to act. But Ariel was a fictional character, she was written up by somebody, so she could be anybody of any race.

And if you really hate the fact that a black girl gets the oppurtunity to be Ariel so much, the original Ariel isn't going anywhere so you can watch that instead of the remake.

And just because she's black it doesn't mean you still can't identify with Ariel as a character. Another pathetic excuse I've heard people make. I'm not white but I was still able to identify with Ariel when I was younger, because she was curious about the outside world, and so was I. Now, I've become more of an introvert who likes staying indoors, but the point is Ariel being white didn't stop childhood me being able to think I am like Ariel, not once in the bathtub did childhood me think:

"Oh, Ariel's white, I'm brown, so I can't pretend to be the little mermaid because I'm not white!"

I didn't care! I pretended I had fins because I didn't see Ariel as a white girl, I saw her as Ariel the Little Mermaid. Or just Ariel.

And Ariel being black won't stop any children from doing the same things, the most important demographic isn't us, it's the kids.

Now I come to think of it like that, as long as it's appropriate for the kids, I'm cool with it.

Halle As Ariel For The Win! <3
Halle As Ariel For The Win! <3
Halle Bailey as Ariel: My Opinion On It
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  • JDavid25

    I agree it's nonsense.. But I doubt It's gon make the movie stop makin money.. I mean these are only a few internet racist, and purist who voice they opposition to this.. Although.. I would most definitely say that Halle Bailey ain't dark skinned.. 😂.. She's barely one or two shades darker than Zendaya.. Zendaya just has the long curly hair, and the I guess Euro lookin features..

    • JDavid25

      Also I think the Disney rendition of was set in the Carribean.. Which would fit her perfectly..

    • I agree it's a fucking movie, who cares? If you don't like it don't watch it. I bet the kids are gonna love it though

    • JDavid25

      @awesometjgreen Exactly.. they trippin.. Besides the Disney adaptation of the Little Mermaid took place somewhere in the Carribean, so it would be fitting to have a "Black" woman as Ariel.. But you are right..

  • its just a cartoon

    • Jersey2

      So maybe next time a black girl can play Mulan, right? Yeah... right... we all know that would be racist.

    • @Jersey2 Mulan is a Chinese human in case if you don't know

Most Helpful Girls

  • mommatoldl

    I'm a white female and literally can not believe that white females are making a big deal outta this. It's annpying. This is the way someone sees it in their head. She is a fictional character.
    It's art and art has no race specifications.

  • people bend over backwards into a pretzel to try and justify why she has to be white. when she actually doesn't have to be and people love to forget the very black mermaid in the tv series

    • morimeme1

      And yet, Ariel was a redhead so why would people feel the need to make her black all of a sudden, the reverse situation would outrage the black community.

    • @morimeme1 Black people can have red hair by dying it. Most likely if a white actress had gotten the role she would've dyed her hair for it too. Big deal

    • @morimeme1 *pretzel*

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  • Jersey2

    I am coming to the conclusion of “Fuck Disney”. I grow weary of their PC agenda. Would they remake the Lion King with a white lead... we all know that is a no and a shit storm would follow if it was a yes along with a retraction and apology. This role was iconic for little redhead girls.

    It will flop of course.

    • Did they remake Aladdin with an Arabian girl? No. Was Will Smith Arabian? No. He still got to be genie. But the movie was still brilliant. Did that create a shitstorm? Nope, only Will Smith memes. Did they have to apologise for casting a half white half Indian girl for Jasmine? Nope!

      I'm not a redhead and the role was still iconic for me. Kids don't see race, they just see a Disney princess.

      And Aladdin was expected to flop, but it didn't, so I wouldn't speak too soon.

    • Jersey2

      You seem very focused on a black girl playing a white girl role... you want it because of the race, you don’t care what the story was or where it came from. Jasmine isn’t white, so no idea what you are going on about. Aladdin would have made more I am sure with someone else, no matter the race, than Wil Smith who also played a white role of Deadeye in another movie that should have done better, Suicide Squad. He also played another role originally white, The Omegaman which was retitled I Am Legend.

      You would be writing a different MyTake if it was a white remake of Lion King.

    • No I wouldn't be. I don't care who they cast for TLK as long as they can sing and act, I don't give one.

      And yes, in the Aladdin remake the actress, Naomi Scott, is half white, half Indian. Even though Jasmine in the cartoon was a dark-skinned Arabian girl. But Naomi Scott was amazing as Jasmine in the remake she could act and sing just perfectly! So I don't care if a half white half Indian light skinned girl played Jasmine, all that matters to me was she did a good job of it and she did one hell of a good job.

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  • AuroraRoseat

    Again I agree. What I find funny though Is that people are touting Disney as Feminist when it literally has sexist traditional gender roles/behaviors and emasculating visions against men all over. It is garbage for such a reason but it isn’t Feminist.

  • Here is my issue, you say that its not a big deal, okay. When does it become a big deal? See they replaced ariel with a black woman, Mary Jane Watson (redhead, Scottish) with a black girl, they replaced Hiemdal (a white NORSE (WHITE) god) with a black man, they replaced Achiellies (fair skin, greek) with a black man, they are trying to push for James bond to be black as well, they replaced Nick Fury (white man) with a black actor, in force awakens they killed off the only white male actor left and replaced the entire cast with women and minority actors, Halley Berry as cat woman, Johnny storm (originally white) was replaced by a black actor, Money penny (british character i. e. white) has been replaced with a black actress, etc. etc. etc.
    Clearly this is something being pushed, that is blatantly obvious and that I do have issue with. As in the western world "minorities" are so named because they are "minorities"(in the western world, they are in fact the majority in the actual world population and whites are the minority). That means the probability of having this many white characters being systematically replaced with minority characters is highly improbable if its based off of talent alone. So that is an issue.

    The second issue is the HYPOCRISY. We here consistently that its racist for whites to play a character that was originally non white. We here how its racist if whites play a character that is white but knows marital arts (like with the character Danny Rahnd in the Iron Fist Netflix show which the actor had to shut off his twitter because he was getting so much racist hate for being in the show). We here how game of thrones was racist because it didn't have enough minority characters, never mind that it was taking place in a fantasy version of mideviel Europe which had no minorities. Same goes with historical pieces where it does not make sense to have minorities as they take place in nations that where at the time 100% white, yet its still racist. That's what I have issue with. The actors are irrelevant to me, its the intent that I have issue with.

  • dalibara

    I think Madeleine petsh would have been the best choice. I mean.. Ariel is a Caucasian redhead!! I didn’t want a black Ariel just like I won’t be happy if tiana and jasmine were interpreted by white women.

    • Any white women who can sing and act is great you can always dye your hair

    • Also her eyes are brown Ariel have blue

    • dalibara

      Actually I was thinking that because I saw this video: https://youtu.be/UwK_eaL7x-c

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  • JohnPrestwick

    Captain Marvel and Black Panther showed that online trolls don't sway the box office.

    And Halle Berry is a talented actress. She would probably be bigger now had it not been for some unlucky casting choices in the 2000s.

    Whether the film will be good or not, I don't know. But I can approach it with an open mind.

    • She's an excellent singer too!

      This movie could be her big break :)

  • selfdestruction

    She’ll always be a cute white red head to me. Let Disney black wash everything.

    • Disney: Has 3 black Disney princesses

      People: Disney are blackwashing everything!!

    • Yup. They did. 3 ORIGINAL black princesses

  • The Little Mermaid is just the beginning. Get used to seeing predominantly white roles given to people who aren’t white. Hollywood isn’t what it was in the past century. It’s not predominantly white. It’s very diverse and so is its audience.

    What you’re witnessing is a slow translation into a new era. And pretty soon it will be a landslide. I am so glad they’re choosing movies that are more likely to be seen by children versus adults.

    Notice that adults are already stuck in their narrow minded thinking. The fact is some people want her to be white because they don’t want her to be black. Take a 4-5 year old to see this movie and see how they react without your influence.

    They won’t care. They’ll smile and laugh and enjoy the movie. Ask yourself why you can’t be that happy and bliss. Anyone above 18 whining about a fairytale creature being black needs to get a life.

    Those kids will grow up to be more tolerant and accepting towards people who don’t look like them. White roles won’t cease to exist. But I do believe roles will be a lot more diverse, creating a more diverse generation. The media is the greatest tool of influence and as rare as it is, it’s being used for good.

    • Well you fail to understand the whole reason for this. It is to make white people and black people fight no other reason. Disney are not saints they don't care about tolerance Walt Disney funded the Nazis! There is no way the people running this company today are truthworthy in the least.

    • Walt Disney is dead. White people and black people have been fighting for decades. The only difference between now and yesterday is more white people are fighting for progression. See it the way you want. But mark my words. This is just the beginning

    • Oh you are right this is just the beginning of unrealistic diversity being shoved down our throats. I don't need to be preached to to accept black people I have always accepted them. There is no reason for entertainment to always have to be changed just to push agendas. Do you truly think Disney gives a fuck about anyone or anything but getting richer? Why would they?

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  • Jalpj1083

    My opinion is that white actors should play white characters. It’s disrespectful to Danish culture. The Little Mermaid is a beloved European fairytale written by a Danish man. He wrote the character to be white. Blue eyes and red hair.
    Someone like Emma Stone, a natural red haired woman should play the part. So no I don’t support it! I won’t watch the movie. Stop black washing white characters.
    Ariel is white!

    • Emma Stone isn't a natural red head. And no one is black washing white characters. It's a story about two different species and them falling in love. It's not really about their skin color

    • Jalpj1083

      @Nikki69938 Then they should find a natural red haired woman. It is about race because Ariel is a white Mermaid. She’s not black. She has red hair and blue eyes.

    • And black people can have red hair and blue eyes as well. Tell me would you be mad if you found out they casted a brown haired and green eyed girl as Ariel? Just as long as she's white cause that seems that's all that matters

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  • Kurαȷ

    The only thing I have to say is that, not long ago, media were up in arms about Jasmine being the "wrong kind of brown" because she was a half-white Indian and not an Arab and about the fact that Disney was "tanning" actors who were too light skinned.
    But now, the same media outlets are calling people racist for pointing out a much worse transgression.

    And everyone is ok with it, in their painful ignorance of how it actually patronizes people of color.
    But I guess I don't care, if Halle wants her race to be taken advantage of by Disney as an accessory to sell tickets and stir up controversy, it's her choice.

    • Naomi scott look like jasmine and she is definitely not light for a Arab

    • These things don't sell tickets so many social justice movie have been flop

    • @Yesplease23 What are you talking about? Aladdin was a top-grossing movie. Will Smith's 2nd highest grossing movie. Will Smith.

  • wow what a way to ruin a fictional character. Ariel will forever be a redhaired fair skinned mermaid to me. I won't be watching the remake out of respect for red haired girls.

    • Yep, everyone that down votes that opinion is just another obvious racist.

    • @AynonOMouse those that dislike want her personality but the writer designed Ariel in a constructive way. Started with green flippers, red contrasts well with that so he gave her red hair. Naturally red haired girls have fair skin and underwater they’d be seen more easily as it’s dark down there). I can accept Disney were really quite pro white before the millennium. Why can’t they make a new cartoon that a black girl will identify with. 😑

    • Funny how all the downvotes are girls. Many of the girls on this website have insane ideas and opinions.

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  • SentientBrick

    What if we took a traditionally black Disney charachter and made the red headed and blue eyed. Would that be ok too. After all their just a fictional character! The ham golem SJW"s Wouldent be draw & quartering Disney animators in the streets for doing something like that would they?

    • Jersey2

      Not wit red hair, rather a white girl with an African American Afro. Offensive much? That is really what they are doing just reversed.

    • morimeme1

      They will just call you racist because black characters were a minority of practically non-existant in old Disney movies. As if that makes it any different.

    • Coming from a black person its just diversity. How many characters have been played by white who are “classy” and then the black characters are played as sassy and ghetto. I glad she’s playing this and not some other white person

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  • devilman666

    Jasmine should have been full white. If you guys black wash then why can't we white wash?

    You are dumb af by the way, you make a point about how the children won't care about the skin color... so why change it at all then? Just get some white actress if it makes no difference. Oh wait, this is just a political move to draw in larger audiences of African americans. "Why is it we are looking at the skin color of these women?", Well, we are looking at their skin color because that is one of the things that was changed. It's like if they changed her hair color to purple or green when it used to be red, everyone would point it out because it is so different.

    I'll let the comment about the genie slide, but tbh I think that entire remake was a mistake. The genie was based off of robin williams, and few people can do the genie the way he did. So they just blackfaced it to make it seem cool.

    I wonder when they'll remake song of the south, they wouldn't even need to do blackface since it already has Uncle Remus.

  • Liam_Hayden

    Disney's cartoon "The Little Mermaid" is so different from Hans Christian Andersen's original story as to be its own entity, so I am fine with what they do with it.

    • Cool :)

    • Yeah, the whole, Mermaid lacks a soul and turns into seafoam but she can get an afterlife/soul if a spirit she also turns into does like 300 years of good deeds is really fucking dark and way way different

  • morimeme1

    Honestly I sm pretty interested to see this new version of Ariel and I think the actress does look very suited for a mermaid role but just those few things don't sit well with me: we all know the ginger ariel - black ginger is just wrong so they'll probably leave her hair black, and saying it is based in a fictinal place still does not do justice to the original, it was set in a European country in about mid 1800's so a black person there would not only be weird but nost likely be a slave or something - makes the Disney twisted version of the tale where the prince does marry her even nore unrealistic plus that shows that her race actually does have impact on the plot if you want it to be realistic (you might as well take a white Mulan and base her around Asian history just not call the place China but an imaginary place- problem solved right? No impact on the plot), and lastly, why do they have to push thet representation of black people on already established characters? Tiana was amazing and was her own story (and well, way more empowering that Ariel's). They deserve something new that would be their own.
    You mentioned about people using the bs argument that they won't be able to relate to the character because of their skin but I have mostly heard black people use it.

  • Sevenpointfive

    why does hollywood have to ruin every movie by making white people black? can't they make a movie about Calvin Ellis instead? at least he was black.

  • Lord_Thy_Gawd

    It's about consistency. Take a look at this picture, on is not like the the others:
    Halle Bailey as Ariel: My Opinion On It
    Yes, I hear you when you say that this remake is set somewhere else, but again, consistency. The Jungle Book didn't have its Indian setting ditched for an African one, so why should The Little Mermaid's?

    • Dinklex3

      They made a Cinderella movie with Brandy.
      My favourite movie as a kid.
      Just sayin.'

  • alohaahyes

    I don't care about the race change because I've never watched the little mermaid and i dont plan on watching the original or the new one. It's just a fictional story. Ariel's race has no significance to the story but i understand why people would feel a type of way about it. I would be pissed if they made a new princess and the frog and tiana wasn't black. As long as Halle can play the character right i dont have a problem with it.

    Also I don't understand why black people feel the need to change the color of white characters. Why can't they just make their own? White people don't need to include us (yes I'm black) in every single book, movie, show, etc they make. Black people make shows and movies with black characters only and they don't see a problem with it but they (some black ppl) see a problem with white people having white characters only in their movies and shows. If you want more black, Chinese, etc characters then make your own, don't change the original. Stop depending on white people to give you more representation. And don't complain about something if you're not going to do anything about.

  • joyjoy123

    I'm just sad because I wanted to see the lush red hair. If they can make it sure why not. As long as it's not that atrocity that Starfire was in Titans.

    I mean it's not a do or die to have red haired Ariel but it's such an iconic feature and nostalgic trigger from childhood that having such drastic color change is a bit unsettling?

    I'm more mad about Mulan tbh lol

  • Klara-Hitler

    Meh. I don't care really. I'm not going to watch it anyway.

    But I'd just say, would black people let white people use blonde girls for mythological characters of black tribes? Or for fictional characters that were described having dark skin?

    That happened to Nordic Gods in the movie "Thor".

    If yes, then it's okay. If no, then I understand why some white people don't want fictional characters that were first made by them and in their image to be played by black characters.

    You don't get to keep your culture intact and call everyone out for "cultural appropriation" and then appropriate everyone else's culture.

    • It is because the majority of Black people are VERY racist against Whites. If the exact same thing happens but favors Whites instead of them they call it racism, but think it is perfectly fine if they do it. Total hypocrisy.

    • JDavid25

      "White" people ain't interested in "Black" mythological characters.. And this movie most likely had a "White" cast in director.. So yeah..

  • Aiko_E_Lara

    She's a mermaid and mermaids are fictional characters so she can be any color they want her to be. She can be blue. She's not a human character from specific countries. No one exactly knows what skin color mermaids from Denmark have.

  • Justacatlady

    I’m super excited they made Ariel black. I love that little girls of color now get another mermaid to love and want to be. The first Disney animated movie wasn’t even like the original story so the fact that the live action isn’t going to be the same is fine by me.

  • WarmSunflower

    I personally don’t agree with it. I watched Ariel on TV. She’s a pale skinned, ginger girl. I think a white actress should play the role of Ariel.

  • error___

    many people would throw a fit over tiana being played as a white woman... but let it slide when ariel is played as a black woman... the hypocrisy smh

    • dalibara

      I was exactly thinking the same thing. For me, Ariel is a blue eyed redhead Caucasian. I don’t want a black Ariel, just like I don’t want a white tiana or jasmine. Not really important tho, but you always get comments of peoples who complain about some animated characters because their skin become lighter and bleached. Double standards..

  • AynonOMouse

    The point is it ie becoming pretty common to replace White characters over and over. Hollywood is very liberal and hates Whites. that is the point.
    Now go and get Black Panther and Nick Fury replaced with White people and see how much complaining happens.

    I've liked a lot of your opinions in the past on different things, but I think you are wrong on this one. It is very much about the media constantly trying to replace White characters.

    If they want a good Black character, there is no problem with that. Write them themselves, don't go changing something that is already established. When they replace something that is established, it is pure racism, just like how it was pure sexism when they replaced the Ghost Busters with all women.

    • like x1000!

    • JDavid25

      It's most common to see a "White" character.. 😂😂.. "White" characters ain't losin out on any roles.. And people still trip even when there is an original "Black" character..

    • @JDavid25 you obviously don't know hollywood too well.

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  • rylielovessoftball

    I have no problem with an African-American girl voicing Ariel in the Little Mermaid. My mom grew up watching The Little Mermaid in the 1990's. I've watched the original and can't wait to watch this version.

  • Pamina

    One thing I love Hollywood for, is how it keeps triggering all these fragile "anti-SJW" snowflakes. The irony of them whining all over the internet and throwing a tantrum because of something like this, is just amazing. :)

  • SexyAshh

    Yeah i will not be watching the movie.

    Im not racist at all, i have many black friends and id think theyd agree this is BS., and a disgrace to ariel. Just dumb

  • Hidden_P

    The Princess and the Frog. One of Disneys first black animated characters.

    I think she should be white.

    *watches the shit show of how it’s racist she’s not black and how it’s offensive.*

    Same thing, no?

    • Lolololol what? Ever seens song of the south? Disney had black characters since the 60s

    • Hidden_P

      @devilman666 congratulations! You missed the point.

      White people always have to accept when a race is changed but, the Princess and the frog which is a black princess, imagine the backlash if she was made white.

      I thought I made that point fairly clear but lolololol apparently nototototototot

    • I was replying to the disneys first black animated characters part, but to be fair you did say one of, and disney really hasn't had many. You do make a good point, I mostly just find it funny how everyone forgets that disney did have black characters at one time, even if disney wants you to forget that those characters ever existed.

  • FatCat2020

    Nobody is saying don't make diverse characters hell they could have just made a black mermaid character different than Ariel and made a different movie but people are mad because they are messing with who the character is. That would be like making Blade from Marvel a white guy with freckles. It would be ridiculous.

  • LuvAsh

    I don't care for the change BUT I think this is a great way to make white people feel how Black people feel when White people play what should be a black role😊😊 Ecspecially in REAL LIFE historical events movies👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 even tho I don't really care for the movie, I will still support.

    • Jersey2

      Captain America is going to be black now. Spider-Man was black in the recent animated movie. Hamilton the play is black... I would say that it is now very commonplace to have roles reassigned as black.

    • @Jersey2 They are just trying to replace Whites. If they want Black characters it's fine, but they should write their own stuff then, not steal what a White person made and replace them.

    • Ignoring the other replies, when have white people ever taken black roles? Especially in real life historical movies? Apart from it being intentional for comedy (i. e. tropic thunder) I can't think of a single time that has happened

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  • disgustingweebtrash

    About to go drown myself if I see another Ariel thing on GAG.. hopefully I see some actual mermaids

  • brennanhuff

    The actress for Jasmin isn't arab, but she's half indian. And Aladdin kind of plays out and always blended arab and indian culture together in it. So it made just as much sense for an indian actress to play jasmin as arab. And optics wise, indian can play off or similarities with look compared to arab. And ariel had the signature red hair. I'm pretty sure only white women are gingers. Many white women may not be natural red heads, but a black women with dyed red hair, it;s like having nicki minaj playing the part. It's blatantly not natural, whereas, since a white woman can have natural red hair, you can believe that she may be a natural red head even if she's not. A black woman with red hair isn't fooling anyone, so blatantly fake and phoney.

    • Cheetah23

      If you think Indians looks like Arabs... I have bad news for you. 😂

  • janna_jcb

    I think Halle and Zendaya would both make an amazing Ariel. As to the colour of their skin: if you look at it ‘scientifically’ it would make more sense for mermaids to be very fair since they are not in contact with the sun a lot and thus would not produce or need much melanin, but since it is a fictional story I don’t think it matters

  • Well if diana was played by a white chick you'd be pretty upset too

  • Im NOT a racist but I find it different than the original and dont really agree with the change.

  • im sure u be crying if jasmine was played by white girl

    • Jasmine was played by a girl who was half white, half Indian. Not an Arabian girl. I'm not crying because Naomi Scott was evidently the best fit for the role, I can't stop listening to "speechless".

    • Speechless is basically my theme song, I love Naomi- been a fan since TBM:

    • nice song!

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  • Yesplease23

    But naomi scott resemble Jasmine she don't remember Ariel there are many White girls who can sing and act and actually look like Ariel looking like character is big part of story.

  • LogicBomber

    Disney has become a complete garbage business, they used to push entertainment, now all they push is feminist agenda garbage.

  • Dchrls78104

    There are far more important things to get hot and bothered about than the skin colour of someone playing the role of a fictional character in the remake of an old fairy tale.

  • Britantic

    Seems like Disney thinks that non-white kids are the only ones with time to watch movies and tv.

  • Waffles731

    Ariel's literally a fucking mermaid and as someone else already pointed out, the story the movie is based on is so different that the movie and story barely have anything to do with each other.

    • I have never seen a black mermaid ever lol.

  • lovedejj_xo

    I’m excited to watch besides it’s a mermaid plus representation matters as well. My little cousin is super excited we both love Halle!

  • JayParris

    I couldn't care less that she's black. My only concern is how thick they're going to lay on the "patriarchy, sjw, feminazi" schtick. It was bad enough that they gave it a happy ending when it was supposed to be a life lesson about not letting your desires overcome your reason, and not making promises you couldn't keep.

    But I'll bet you anything that Triton will be the uber-patriarchal oppressor and Eric will be a pansy, and the ladies will forge the happy ending by themselves because they're all so strong and don't need no man.

    Bet me

  • genericname85

    society outrages when a white person plays an ethnic character in a movie but is totally fine if an ethnic person plays a white character... PC society is nothing but bullshit these days.

  • daydreammarie

    Not a big deal to me. Couldn't care less to who the actor is, and 100% agree with it being the acting skills and directing. And I highly doubt that the casting directors were picking from race. If you think about it there were probably a lot of girls who showed up to the casting that were white and had red hair so she was probably the few girls who weren't which is good on her part for going for it despite the odds. Looks won't get you jobs all the time you kind of need talent to back it. Which she obviously has if she is being casted for what could be a huge role.

    Little mermaid is suppose to be the red sea, though and her sisters the seven seas so I do hope they keep the hair colors. To keep that the same. I can't wait to find out who they cast as the Prince and family tbh, Little mermaid was my jam growing up. So yeah its for the kids but older people who grew up with the movie are just as excited if not more. Lol.

  • tartaarsaus

    I don't see why people get triggered over this, I won't watch it though.

    It's a fictional story. It's very common to alter fictional stories, as a movie does not have to be a completely accurate version of the original story. It's a director's storytelling you get on screen.

    It's the same with Lord of the Rings. So many very significant characters and plot lines were changed by Peter Jackson, but people don't really care. Nobody becomes as triggered as plenty of people on here, despite removing/revamping characters, changing plotlines or just making stuff up is far more impactful on a movie than the skin and hair colour of a character.

    'The Little Mermaid' is not a historical movie. If you want to make Oskar Schindler white, because he was white, sure. But this is about a FICTIONAL movie. People get too triggered about it.

    • Jersey2

      So you would be okay with a white girl with a fake African American Afro playing a black girl in a movie? Cause I am guessing you would be in reality.

    • Sure.

    • I would not mind that

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  • Rissyanne

    I don’t know what the big deal is. Remakes are horrible anyway. It’s not like I’m going to see it.

  • Xoirwinkan

    I saw a trend of casting originally red-haired whites as blacks and I'm disgusted by it. I was particularly appalled by this travesty, since she looks like a frog, not a mermaid.

  • axl83

    I honestly like the fact that she was casted to play Ariel. Like yeah sure in the cartoons, Ariel is a white girl but let Disney change it. Its okay. There are other adaptions of "The Little Mermaid" specifically not Disney remakes but other remakes from different studios. They all casted a white girl and let Disney have their decision. I honestly think its great that they decided to cast Halle as Ariel because it gives diversity. I noticed nearly half of Disney movies are about people from a white descent. there's not much diversity. Just Tiana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Moana, and Jasmine. Out of 13 princesses, only 5 are colored. And if Disney wants to change the race of one princess then just let it be. It may be not what you wanted but things do have to change. They cannot be the exact same. And if this is what Disney wants, then let them.

  • smg99

    It’s true I think Zendaya would suit the role as a package. Ariel sings a lot and the personality of Zendaya at least in its contemporary portrayal is best suited to her.

    Theoretically the little mermaid is suited for a true Irish or welsh red haired or Scottish girl. It’s not really intended for darker tones. Unless we like to assume tanning and it’s contemporary trend in its social context, the roles chosen for certain women.

    I am happy they deviated but I still love vintage Disney and it’s deep rooted religious message in the little mermaid.
    It was supposedly a representation of Mary of Magdalene who immersed herself after fleeing Israel pregnant and married a knight. Which began a society the Knights Templar a blood line of Jesus Christ.

    To see a role given to a colored woman can add to that mystery of what could be?
    at least on the screen maybe through imagination or unsolved mystery?

    • rokn69

      You watch to many fantasy shows if you think that Jesus had children.

    • smg99

      It’s not a fantasy I read it. So you are telling me that you’ll deny it. I’ve heard of it too but please mind you shows are not literature or its likeness.

      You may correct me as I may know insufficiently. It’s not my religion I’m just a curios avid reader.