Who sang it better?


I’ve always loved this song. All versions… My fave of course is Lauryn Hill’s. She was just too smooth with it. Frankie gave a relaxing doo wop vibe but I think the Lettermans had him beat. I love the raspiness in Chance’s voice. Kelly sang it beautifully. Blake Sheltons accent had me in a chokehold. Nialls little accent was cute with the song but he was unintentionally mocking blake and sounding a bit country. Shawn sang it better #FeelFreeToList

Frankie Valli pop rock
Lauryn Hill r&b soul
Blake Shelton country
Shawn Mendes pop
Kelly Clarkson pop soul
Niall Horan indie pop
Chance the Rapper r&b rap, Gloria Gaynor disco pop, The Letterman pop soul, or The Supremes soul
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If i had to rank it for myself—
#1 Lauryn #2 Blake #3 Shawn #4 Niall
#5 The Letterman #6 Kelly #7 Chance the Rapper
#8 Frankie #9 The Supremes #10 Gloria Gaynor
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The Voices video above is pretty hilarious. Blake Shelton is tryna keep a straight face and think of his wife Gwen Stefani as he sings the song (yet is pointing in Kelly Clarksons direction). BUT when its Niall Horans turn to sing, he directs his love towards Blake and you can tell he's cringing so hard like dude stop with the gay shit 😆💀
Who sang it better?
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