My boyfriend spending less time with me?

Okay so here's the deal me and my boyfriend have hardly been spending time together. We're in a long distance relationship yes I know probably shouldn't be in one but, I'm not asking for you guys to scold me on that. We both have the same plans go to school, get some schooling as well as hang out with friends and we go home and then have quality time together, but lately he's been taking out our quality time to go hang out with his friends, he knows how I feel I've told him over and over and sometimes if he asks me for permission to go I tell him yes out of guilt because I don't want to keep him away from his friends but I would like for it to get back to the way it used to be. I want him to realize he still has a girlfriend and I deserve some quality time with him too. Oh, and also he wants to go to Tennessee in a month with his friends from a Friday around noon up to a Monday morning for a huge card tournament because him and his friends are big on cards. Is it wrong for me to want him to but also want him to realize he's been spending way too much time with them? He says he'll stop but he keeps going. What do I do or what should I say to him?


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  • Let him go and be a boy. When he realises on his own (his neglect towards you) he will wake up and make more effort towards the relationship. Being in a LDR (long distance relationship) is very difficult when it comes to "quality time" because you can't actually spend time with him. Make sure that you are also applying adequate effort to see him, he will see that- which will increase his desire to see you

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  • There is already added stress in your relationship because it's long distance. If the relationship is going to survive, you both have got to communicate and spend time together. It is possible to strike a balance between a social life and relationship. You're right that he is entitled to hang out with his friends HOWEVER he needs to make time for you too. There is nothing wrong with discussing this because obviously it's an issue and an important one. I am not sure how often you both get together but maybe he can see you one week and his friends the next? Try to compromise and see what is fair to both of you. If you don't tackle this issue now, it will create more distance between you both and your relationship will be in trouble.

    Good luck.