Mother's Day note for girlfriend's mom?

Does it seem alright for me to send a handwritten note to my girlfriend's mom on mother's day? I've met her many times before, she tells my girlfriend how much she likes me as a person, and definitely cares about me. I just want to tell her I appreciate how she raised her daughter and that she should be proud because I truly feel this way. Is it okay to send something like this for mother's day, or do mother's only want things from their own children?
Mother's Day note for girlfriend's mom
Mother's Day note for girlfriend's mom
I would start it out with explaining that I realize she isn't my mother but I appreciate how good of a mother she was to my girlfriend.


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  • as a mother I think its very sweet but you have to also think about possible complications:

    is there anything in your note that could upset your girlfriend?

    does she encourage you to interact with her mom?

    is her mother controlling in any way and would be encouraged to become involved in your relationship?

    are you just trying to impress her mom?

  • handwritten note?

    al least write a letter on nice stationary or buy her a card and write in it.

    don't' just hand her a piece of note book paper

    personally I think it's a little weird if you've only seen her a few times and don't truly know her that well. but if you feel like you know her well enough, then go for it.

    • Okay...I should have been more specific in that I would make it look nice. I checked two stores and couldn't find a blank mother's day card so that's what made me think of writing a note.

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