My boyfriend can't forget my past!!!!!!!

Me and my boyfriend have been together for m=nearly two years now and he still has a problem with my past,

Sometimes I wounder if he will ever get over?

Yea I admit that there were some stupid things iv done but iv learned from them and now that what I did do was the wrong thing iv explained to him that because I met him he has helped me realize that that's not who I want to be and iv changed a lot of things for him to realize I am a different girl now and no I won't turn back to who I was but its like he never believes me.

We have a fight over this at least once a week because he just can't leave it alone the past is the past and I love him to much to go back there he is my future but he can't understand that.



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  • he's having a hard time trusting you :( a relationship without trust DOES NOT work (no matter how much we think it may). you need to sit down and have a serious convo about how you guys will not work out if he doesn't accept the fact that you have changed and that the past is your past... and he needs to be done with his insecurities and move forward in ya'lls relationship. if not, it won't work. it'll push you away that he doesn't trust you when you're doing nothing wrong.

    • Thank that's really helpful, the thing is I don't wana loose him it will kill me I don't even no if I will be able to cope with it...

      He is the first guy I have ever falling in love with and in my future I see him no body else.

      OMG! I hate this.

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  • Well if he can't get over your past then the relationship will never work. Its like trying to ride a horse with 4 broken legs, you want get anywhere. If he can't let go of your past and you have proven that you are a different girl then I think its time to call a quits. I'm sorry to say...

    • If only it was that easy...

      It will kill me to let go of him.

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    • Hmm...well it took a couple months before we got in contact with each othe. Like a lot of months.

    • Thanks heaps for your help.

  • To be blunt, If you have had a double team with any of his friends of had sex with a lot of his social circle then probably not.

    Not saying that you have, I'm just saying that if you did then the chances of a relationship are vague, not because he doesn't like you. Its because he will be embarrassed in front of his friends knowing that they all also know your past.

    Also I'm very cautious about girls who want a relationship if we were having sex while she was still in a relationship, how am I going to trust her?

    • Thats the thing though I haven't had sex with ANYONE he no's at all and he just assumes that I have had a lot of other partners when I havent...

    • Then he needs to man the f*** up because every girl has a past like you, some girls are just better at hiding it then others. Its probably just an outlet for other problems you guys have been having in your relationship.

      Next time just kind of stay quite about it because as much as we tell you we want to know we really don't.

    • Yea and I think that's the mistake that I made I was to honest and thought that telling the truth about it when he asked would be beter but now look what its done, I'm stick in this big sticky situation where I no I should proberly let go but its to hard for me to do. Ggggrrrrhhh!

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  • is this about your sexual past?