Best Guy Friend Gives Mixed Signals?

I have recently started having feelings for my one of my good guy friends. We are in several classes together and work together at our internship. We text constantly in class and I catch him staring my way all the time and he used to look away. Now he continues to stare. The only problems is I used to see him as a brother and get insecure because it seems he always has a few women interested in him. I'm usually the one he seeks advice from but he has moments when he retreats from everyone, which I've come to accept. Now that I like him, it drives me crazy if he doesn't text me back or flirts with girls...So then I try to stop liking him and reinforce our friendship by discussing my exes with him and talking about how all men are flawed.

Once really drunk, before I even liked him, I asked him to make out with me and he completely rejected me saying it was because he respected me. Since then I am concerned he isn't attracted to me. However, he stares at me constantly, gets ridiculously upset if I get angry or disappointed with him and has stopped talking about other girls in front of me (something we used to talk about a lot).

A few weeks ago we had a huge drunk fight because he was talking about attractive women in public and I yelled at him about it. He snapped at me and said "Don't be jealous! Sorry you aren't hott!" This started a huge attacking fight we had with one another. Since then I have no confidence that he is attracted to me but maybe he just likes my personality as a friend. The sucky thing is, if I ever need him, he is there in a second and will sacrifice things dear to him to be there for me more so than for other people. Also, the staring in class is constant and I am very confused. Also, the way he looks at me sometimes..I haven't seen him look like that at anyone...

I'm not sure if he is being a friend or more. I'm sure I have given him equally mixed signals as well to complicate the picture.
Best Guy Friend Gives Mixed Signals?
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