Why would he say we're just friends but then get mad when I talked to other men?

i been friends with this guy since may we hit it really well we started hanging out meeting each other families I end up catching feelings for him but he always say we're just friend but when I talk to other men go out with them he gets mad at me saying he knew he wasn't good enough for me that he can't make me happy I don't understand him why would he care what I do if we're just friends?


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  • Guys are really honest when it comes to things like this... I think you should take it for what it is he says you're just friends... then you guys are just friends... I think you are reading in between the lines trying to see something that isn't there... just because you two have met each others families really doesn't say much these days... I introduce most of my friends to my family... Family bbqs... going out to bars... things like that..

    My questions for you

    1. have ya'll done anything that would show you that you are talking/dating? going on actual dates.. kissing good night... holding hands?

    2. does he introduce you as a friend... "Mom/ Dad this is my FRIEND.. "jessica"" or does he say "mom/dad this is jessica"

    3. have you met his friends.. best friend...

    4. what are your conversttions like? does he tell you about ex's and things like that


    1. No

    2. says friend

    3. No

    4. we talk about everything including ex's

    you guys are really GOOD friends (don't ask what ya'll are)


    1.yes we hold hands... go on dates just the two of us... cheek peeks

    2. does not say friend

    3. yes all of them

    4. we talk about our day and we text for the most of the day until we can talk

    you have reason to ask the question... he likes you but is sending mixed signals when he says "we are just friends"

    Hope this helps.. good luck!


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  • My first thought is that he's into you but won't say it for a certain reason, especially from "knew he wasn't good enough for me" and "cant make [you] happy", but I can't judge from just that.

    I guess it depends on how he's reacted to you when/if you've ever flirted with him, which would show how he feels no matter what he says

    Also I'd pay attention to that stuff he does say, gives some insight


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  • OMG! I just had that same problem not even thirty minutes ago. I just can't understand my friend. He like, said we should just be friends after we broke up and I said okay and learned to live with it then even moved on, but just yesterday he talks bout dating then tonight he seems to not b sure and it's driving me crazy. Really I think we should just stay freinds cause he can't seem to decide. But anyway he didn't seem to care that we weren't dating and since he was the one who suggested we just be friend I brought up that I had a date this weekend then ALL OF A SUDDEN he says if me and this guy don't work out then we should have a date. I don't know if it's a pity thing or if he's jealous, but when I told him tonight that I tried talking to him today he seemed to be joking but it seemed more like he was mad case he said, "oh so I'm not good enough to talk you now?" he said that then added lol a minute later. I hate men, they say they're so simple but THAT IS A BIG FAT LIE! I'm so pissed off, I like straight and forward answers from people. He's coming over tomorrow, mybe I'll smack him a few times to get back at him. :P I say just blow him off and date who you want. That's what I plan on doing.

  • I think he like you and he just does know if you like him or maybe he doesn't want to destroy your friendship if you two don't work out (I have a friend like that I told him how I felt and he said " we're just best buds" and when my best friend said I was in love with and wanted to date someone else he got really jealous even she could tell) talk to your friend ask him what is the problem tell him you like him if you want to be with him reassure him that it is worth the risk