Friends making fun of you behind your back?

My brother told me that some of my "friends" making fun of me behind my back because i told them about my problem with my ex and they acted like they care and they wanted to help me but when they see my bro they tell him like "your bro worries only about posting pics and for likes and stories soo his ex will see them and he only cares about her and people are dying and he cares about insta and his ex"

Nothing of those are true.. i dont care anymore about my ex. She was a cheating lying immature girl i spended enough tears for her.. and yea thats what it was bothering me back then soo i told them thats what friends are for right?
And people die everyday million years now what can i do about it? Be sad and stop living my life? I just dont understand.. when they tell me their non sense problems i dont judge them or make fun of them or anything.. i always try to help them even tho i believe that there are more important things to worry about.. but thats what they worried about in their life right now mostly soo i dont make fun of them... does your friends do this? U tell them your problems and they make fun of u behind your back?

I told them that back when she cheated me and left me and i was heartbroken.. i just needed to talk to someone u know.. but i guess not even "friends" are loyal
Friends making fun of you behind your back?
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