Why do boys bully girls?

In my case I remember this boy I was friends with and he was just a boy and I was kind of tomboyish but he was sometimes nice cause he bought me sweets after school whenever I had no money but into the first year of high school he switched up on me because of a little incident. I must’ve told someone he likes this girl and he got embarrassed or something and told me to never talk to him again. I was hurt and from then he always bothered me considering we were friends before the incident. I started hanging with my girl-friends a lot more and whenever he was around he’d try talk down to me and threatened to expose me for god knows I guess being a tomboy or I don't know whenever I was around him in front of my friends, or he’d say something about me that was to embarrass me and make his friends laugh. He’d act like I was a disease and not sit next to me or work with me when he had to. It was kinda embarrassing. He always did this throughout my whole high school experience and I never knew why. Then when prom came up he said I look nice which surprised me but he carried on bothering me going into college. Then this one odd day on my way home on the bus and he came and sat next to me even tho I purposely placed my bag there so he doesn’t sit next to me. I was soo confused. Then for some reason I began to get really curious and do stupid stuff like wait after school hoping I’d catch him on the bus again but it was only a one time thing. But yeah it was weird.
Why do boys bully girls?
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