How can voice pitches affect your attractiveness?

I was in a room full of people, full of people learning about the art of violin making.
When I had to talk to the instructor a lot of the girls looked at me. I was at the back of the room, so I could keep an eye on any threats if there be any. So they had to turn around to get a look. As my voice is particularly unique since it projects well. It wasn't the rude look of kindergartners that adults wouldn't give to strangers. It was genuine curiosity at what I looked Like, I suppose. I made a few girl friends from that class.
Before speaking, I was unknown to the class as it was a very large class. It was only the second day of class. The first day I had taken my leave and was not in attendance, of course, first days of class are always skippable.
How can voice pitches affect your attractiveness?
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