Is this girl not afraid of me? Will she retaliate?

I was jealous of this girl because a lot of guys liked her and were very close friends with her. They would share secrets and invite her to all their favorite places. On the other hand, they would ignore me even if I was present. As a result, I started trash-talking behind her back. I thought she wouldn’t know. If she did, I thought doing this would make her afraid of me and become submissive. However, after she found out, she completely ignored me. She never badmouthed me to anyone, even the friends we hang out. None of our friends know that we have beef. I’m kinda afraid about what she’s doing because she was kept silent for over a year. She doesn’t associate that much with people I hang out now. We have classes together, but she’ll act like nothing happened. Sometimes I’ll ask some of our mutual friends to ask her if she wants to go to a party but she’ll only reply that she needs to study because it’s important. I want her to be afraid of me!
Is this girl not afraid of me? Will she retaliate?
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