Is it wrong for me to feel like this towards my family?

For some background I live with my grandma who’s 75 and my mom who’s 46 and I’m 18 going to be 19 in November, we have 5 dogs and a cat under one roof as well. Two of the dogs are my brother’s, two are mine but I’m planning on giving up my rights to both of them (my mom wouldn’t let me surrender them so they can be put up for adoption), my mom has a dog and I have a cat.

My relationship with my grandma is kinda bad like we constantly get into arguments where she calls me lazy, smart mouthed or something or because I disagree with her ideas and stuff. I refuse to give her money and stuff and I pay half the cable/internet bill to keep it on.

My relationship is kinda better with my mom but she’s usually either stressed or tired most of the time. However she’s never completely honest with me in terms of how she views me. Like I have to ask for permission to go see my boyfriend, best friend or even to invite them over and stuff and she always sounds annoyed when I ask to hang out with my boyfriend so she usually asks why can’t he come over here (she claims to want to get to know him but she doesn’t talk to him). I usually get yelled at to let the dogs out or to get my cat which irritates me since I don’t have enough patience to deal with them like she does. She promised to teach me how to drive but she hasn’t saying it’s because I’m asking my boyfriend’s family for help (I am but only because whenever I’m ready to learn it’s always not now or we’ll see and because they offered to help). I’ve also noticed that she doesn’t interact with me like she used to, like I have to ask for hugs or I get ignored or something.

I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I get that I’m the youngest and all that but ever since I turned 18 it’s like I have to figure shit out on my own even if I ask for help like it feels like there’s no trust no matter how much I try to do things to gain it or respect. I feel like I’m not able to grow anymore and I don’t get why I’m in this spot now.

Is it wrong for me to feel like this towards my family?
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