Why is my mom acting like this?

I was going to the market with my mother today, I wore my tight flared trousers and a T-shirt that would cover half of my hips, she tried to put a cardigan on me and I couldn't understand why the weather wasn't that cold and I said I didn't want to wear it, but she forced mqe but I realized that she was trying to cover me. I'm not going to wear it" I said and took off my cardigan then he said to me "how keen on showing your as* " and I looked at him angirily went to my room, locked the door and cried. why is she doing such a thing? My friend has a girlfriend and she can talk to her mother about it easily, but I can't even decide whether to wear a cardigan or not. (im sixteen)
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My friend has a boyfriend*
Why is my mom acting like this?
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