Should I yell at my parents?


So, I'm 18, and I had planned on going to a university. However, my parents begged me to stay home and go to a community college because it's cheaper. I'm just so sick of them butting into my freaking business. Yesterday, before my mom left for her business trip, my dad came to me and told me that he wants me to stay home all day and doesn't want me out of the house. I literally snapped because they do this all the time. I told him I'm an adult and I can legally do whatever the fuck I want. He's telling me I can't go out past 6 pm. Then he starts trying to manipulate me with some shit he saw on Facebook. Itold him whatever. He can't do anything when I go to university next year.

So, today, my mom leaves for her business trip, and I'm at home. It's 4 pm, so I leave to go get food. He texts me, and I tell him where I'm at.

Then he starts spreading lies to my mom about how he doesn't know where I am. He starts calling my aunt, and my mom threatens to fly back and take away my car and all this bullshit.

Now my whole family is texting me. I get on the phone with my dad, and I explode. I tell IM moving the fuck out, and I don't want to - him again. I definitely overreacted, but I'm sick of my parents trying to manipulate me and treat me like I'm a child.

Should I yell at my parents?
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