Boyfriend's friend flirts with please!

ok so me and my boyfriend have been going out for about 3 years.. his best friend flirts with me all the time.. its not in private or when my boyfriend isn't in the room.. its in front of my boyfriend.. my boyfriend sees it but doesn't say anything.. for example last night I went to a little get together with them both at my boyfriends sisters house...I had a little too much to drink and wasn't feeling good.. I layed on the couch cause my boyfriend was cleaning up.. I was awake but not really aware.. like I could hear what's going on but I wasn't fully in boyfriends friend sat on the couch by me and started stroking my first thought was 'its my boyfriend doing it' then a couple min later I sit up and finally look and its not my boyfriend.. my boyfriends in the kitchen.. I was I get up and walk over to him to tell him I'm not feeling well and his friend is making me uncomfortable.. my boyfriend gives me the cold shoulder and tells me go to sleep or something.. the very next morning my boyfriend was still upset and wouldn't listen to me still.. one time we were all at my place playing xbox on my bed.. I'm cuddled up to my boyfriend his friend scoots closer to me gets under my blankets and starts rubbing his foot against mine so I said straight up "don't be trying to play footsie with me" and my boyfriend heard me and saw it all and didn't say anything.. later on my boyfriend was mad at me acting all jealous because his friend got under the blankets with me.. he could've told his friend to get out.. its not like I did anything wrong..i was cuddled close up to my boyfriend.. and I've never ever flirted back with his friend..but its getting unbearable that my boyfriend won't stick up for me and tell his friend to have some respect and stop.. what do I do? how do I tell him about this?
Boyfriend's friend flirts with please!
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