If a guy likes a girl a lot will he distance himself from the girl?

My friend out of nowhere seems like he wants nothing to do with me. I texted him cause I thought I saw him and the text convo was this.

Me: Hey! Are you driving a black little suv? lol

Him: Who is this?

Me: Sara lol

Him: No

Me: Oh wow I made a fool out of myself lmao!

Him: haha why?

Me: I just waved and beeped at a guy that looked exactly like you, and I was even screaming HI thinking it was you, lmao!

He didn't respond, but he's acting nicer to other people. A friend of mine told me he deleted all the contacts out of his phone, and I don't understand the distance? He has always expressed that he liked me a lot, even said he loved me. He stuck up for me a couple of times, and he was just always there for me, as I was for him. He would say flirty things here and there, and he would always flirt with me, but I didn't really look into it.

But now he is just crappy towards me, doesn't text me anymore, I have to be the one to text him and then when I do he's very vague. He is nicer to other girls, but I honestly have done nothing wrong, I just don't know why he wants me out of his life, like out of nowhere? Like all of a sudden? When we have a really good friendship so why would he want to throw that away? Do guys only do that to girls they like a lot or something? What's your take on it? Thanks!
If a guy likes a girl a lot will he distance himself from the girl?
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