He doesn't call me beautiful anymore?

My boyfriend used to call me beautiful and pretty, but lately he just has been calling me cute. Cute is still nice and all, but it just makes me feel like a little kid or something, or like he doesn't find me as attractive as he used to. Another thing that bothers me is that when we were broken up before, he was saying that this one girl was hot, and he never called me that before, either. I get told that I'm pretty and hot and gorgeous by plenty of other guys, and while I'm thankful for their compliments, what they think doesn't really mean as much to me as what my boyfriend thinks. I bust my butt off trying to look as attractive as I possibly can, and I wonder if he even appreciates it at all. What can I do to get him thinking that I'm beautiful again?


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  • Cute is something they want to hug, squeeze, and have.
    Hot/sexy is something they want to f***.
    Gorgeous is something pleasing to look at.
    Beautiful is a mix of hot/cute.

    But overall him not calling you beautiful doesn't mean he downgraded you or finds you less attractive. Try having a more sexy apparel without looking like something to plow ya know?


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  • This is from a guy.

    Firstly, as a guy we have to learn how to not come across as needy or creepy.

    Thing is, the more you think about him the more you are going to like him.

    We know this, so now its working on you. This is the main reason why you value his opinion more than other guys.

    Because people are attracted to those they invest in.

    You thinking about him means your invested.

    Which means you are now more attracted.

    All because he called you cute and not pretty.

    You could spend all this time worry about it and come across as clingy or high maintenance.

    Or you could just let it go.

    People like two things.

    A: someone that gives out a genuine positive vibe.

    B: someone that doesn't let anything bother them. Or what people think.

    Let it go.


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  • Nothing their is nothing you can do but be yourself. You can't force him to say something that isn't coming out of his heart.