He's always looking at me, does it mean anything at all?

Guys, would you continue to stare at a girl that you had no interest in? This whole thing between me and this guy has been going on for over a year now.. I just wanna know what's going on, if it means anything at all or if it's just a guy thing.

I see him everywhere in school and almost every time I look at him, he's looking at me. Sometimes when we are in the same place he lingers around longer instead of just walking away when he sees me there.

He's not shy, I've seen him with his friends and he's very outgoing. But he has never talked to me. So it's hard to tell if he's interested or not because after all this time he has still not said a word to me, but he continues to look at me and act this way.

Is it really nothing at all? Or does he think I'm attractive, or anything? Why does he do this?


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  • Guys look at girls we find attractive. Even if we don't actively pursue them, even if we don't know them at all, we like looking at them. It's like wearing dark shades to the beach or park and watching girls tanning, our favorite pastime you know.

    If he is interested in you, it might just be that he likes you enough that he's a bit intimidated and doesn't know how to approach you. Being outgoing with friends is an arrowshot from being outgoing with cute strangers.

    You shouldn't be too worried about any mischief unless he's doing roadwork on a dirt road and talks on a cell while ogling you.


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  • Maybe he is interested but doesn't know what to say to you? maybe you should make the first move ;)

  • Yea make the first move he's interested

  • hes attracted to you but doesn't know how to approach it or what to do about it...he may even not be single or doesn't wanna date I knew a guy like that once :O