What girls can a short guy hope to date?

-Can't go after tall girls they prefer super tall or tall guys.

-Can't go after average girls they prefer tall or above average height.

-Can't go after short girls they prefer above average or average height.

So what does that leave short guys?

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  • Development of a misogynistic attitude
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  • Friend zone
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Everyone that has answered so far has dodged the actual question

btw I am 5'11 which is not classified as short, I don't know why everyone assumes just because I decide to ask a random question about short guys in the dating game; means its about me or I am short or have an attitude problem.


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  • personality can make up for height. I have a friend who's five foot and dated a six foot tall girl because he is actually amazing in every way other than height. I'm not saying that short guys have to be amazing like him but height isn't the only factor when you look for someone to date.


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  • So tired of all these angsty short-guy questions.

    I'm not going to date ANY guy who's so hung up on how tall or short he is.

    Boyfriend is 5'5", I'm 5'3".

    There's more to dating and attraction than how tall you are.

    • If your tired of the questions then don't answer them. Last time I checked, this is a site for asking such questions.

      And newsflash most people are hung up or self conscious about something, height being in the question posed.

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    • Why do you just assume I'm short? What, average or tall guys can't point out the shallow standards of women in regards to height?

      And again this site sugar coats to much crap. Short guys will be overlooked, agree<

    • I assumed so because you didn't state otherwise and because most guys who post these questions consider themselves to be short.

      And I'm not sugar-coating anything. I'm just telling you what I think. You're the one being narrow-minded.

  • *facepalm*

    Your attitude is a bigger turn off than your height.

    PS. I'm 5'3" and I love short guys.

    • Huh? What attitude? Are you just making a rash assumption about me and my personality based on a question I asked, pointing out dating and most women's thoughts about short men in the real world?

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    • Well, the thing is, I actually do prefer short guys. And I've said so repeatedly. And I've been accused of lying about it. Some guys are so fixated on being bitter about their height that they don't really care what anyone has to say. Sorry, QA, if you are not actually one of those guys, but I feel that it was a logical conclusion to reach based on my past experience with these types of questions.

    • Eh, you're honestly not the norm for girls when it comes to height. Sadly. Not that I care, I don't know a girl taller than me lol. It's just a pity so many girls put so much emphasis on height. And, I don't think I'd really see a reason to prefer one way or the other honestly. Short or tall or whatever. It's nothing they can control in their life.

  • Well if the short guys spends his time on girlsaskguys throwing himself a pity party, his right hand


    • Or maybe the guy in question, wants to get out in the dating game but realizes in reality, no woman wants the short guy.

      Do you prefer to date a short guy? Doubt it.

  • Do you know how short rappers like T.I are and I think Little Wayne is also a little short, so you just have to learn how to charm them with charisma and body language instead of height.

    • Yes I am well aware money is a compensating factor.

      Though... Money < Money + Height

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    • Kind of, but not really. Everyone has something about them that doesn't make them dateable or attractive to some one else therefore everyone in the world has a certain group of people that wouldn't date them. EXACTLY. Being a short guy limits your dating pool, because about 95% of women wouldn't consider dating them. AND THIS IS ONLY ONE TRAIT. Keep in mind people have preferences about everything. By the time women's standard are all said and done short guys really aren't considered for dating.

    • Depending on everyones definition of short. My not dateable short guy would be 5'8 or shorter, but another girls short guy might be 5'5 so the guys that I consider to be short aren't short to her. There are similar personalities of all women at different heights there's the girl next door that could be 5'1 or 5'5 or 6'0 or if you want the outgoing party chick they come in all different heights as well.

  • I don't think the height matters in my opinion. It depends more on the person. My boyfriend isn't extremely tall either. He's like 5'8 or 5'9.. and I adore him! (:

  • Really hot, smart, funny, tall guys have asked me out.

    Guys with nice eyes and average height and a sweet attitude have asked me out.

    But I won't date any of them because I am in love with my friend who is just an amazing person to me. I just have a huge crush on him. Just for his personality.

    He is 5'5'' I am 5'3''.

    I answered "Friend zone" because you never know... I bet some of those girls in his friend zone are secretly into him, even if he is short.


What Guys Said 4

  • Well, being moderately tall myself, I can't say I know what short men go through. Based off of my own observations, however, there are ways one can maximize their dating prospects.

    Short stature is a disadvantage, but it certainly doesn't put one out of the game. Preferences don't mean standards. Most girls do generally prefer taller guys, but a good chunk of them wouldn't mind dating a guy who wasn't tall. Also, there is the occasional anomaly who would actually prefer a guy closer to her height. Don't make it obvious that your height bothers you. The only thing that would accomplish is turning off those girls who truly wouldn't mind.

    • Dude, this anonymous guy doesn't care bout what they can do to try and get more girls. He's just focused on letting people know that being a short guy sucks and there is no possible way of making up for it. Oh and to argue about why the possible ways a short guy could as you said maximize their dating prospects would still never make up for being short.

  • How short are you exactly?

  • I would say being short myself you not only have to have personality, but also self confidence. Girls dislike any guy tall or short without any self confidence.

  • Relax.


    Wee man.

    • A down vote? I am almost 6'7", I have nothing to worry about in the height department. Average height in the US for a white male is 5'10".. So why are you bitching if you're above average? You aren't even short.

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    • Congrats troll. This question was not about you, nor did I ask anything about you because I don't care.

    • F*** off dude. Keep whining. Sew your balls back on.