Guys, what makes you think a girl is stuck up before you´ve met her?

Im 16, look older though, I've done modelling jobs. Basically, I've had a couple of guys who have told me that they thought that I was stuck up until they talked to me. lol what is this supposed to mena? When I asked them why they thought that they just answered "I don't know", I askes "Does it have to do with the way I look?" and they said "well, yes." lol what does this mean. However they said that after talking to them etc they found out that I'm not stuck up lol.


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  • A pretty girl with confidence - stuck up.

    A pretty girl that doesn't show interest in him - stuck up.

    A pretty girl who doesn't want to have a conversation with him - stuck up.

    A girl who doesn't give him the attention he feels he deserves - stuck up.

    A girl who dresses nicely or in expensive brands - stuck up.

    A girl he finds attractive but she doesn't feel the same way about him - stuck up.

    And finally , actually being stuck up - stuck up


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  • A girl that doesn't smile, has a sour puss.

    I see a girl at the gym like that. Even the way she carries herself.

    I went to a restaurant & she was a waitress there. I asked if she went to "X" gym all she said was yes, are you ready to order.

    The next day at the gym she was the same way.

    Most people would at least acknowledge someone they met like that. At least a "hi" & keep moving.

    Nothing from her, so I think that she's stuck up.

    Yes she is good looking.

    • Maybe she doesn't want to seem like a creeper?

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    • Maybe she uses glasses and doesn't recognize you since she doesn't wear them. It has ha?ppened to many friends of mine lol, and to avoid greeting the wrong person, theyd rather not greet them at all. or she is reserved and doesn't enjou talking to "strangers" because technically you two haven't been introduced officially.

    • Yes & maybe she IS just flat out stuck up.

      I've only seen her talk to one guy & he didn't want to have anything to do with her.


      Jason told me she's a "B"

  • As a guy, I know that most guys I know that label women they don't know. Do so because they think she is out of their reach, and because they don't have the confidence they try to meet her. They try to discourage, the other guys they know from doing so. By saying she is stock up, a bitch ect. ect.

    • So tru! Because gguys that are more "from my league" don't think this way.

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  • most guys think girls they think they can't get are stuck up. sometimes cause they're pretty,sometimes cause they look uninterested.

  • I get that all the time. Before knowing me and talking to me, they automatically assume that I am a stuck up b*tch. I ask them why, they give me some weak reasons- because I don't smile. Once they get to know me, they confess what they have thought about me, and that I changed their view point on me. Anyway, guys think that when they can't handle us.

  • If you're pretty and show that you are very confident, some guys think that means that you're stuck up.

    People have said the same thing to me too.

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