Guys, belly button rings are trashy?

Guys, I'm thinking about getting my belly button pierced. I wouldn't o it for attention from strangers. Instead it would be to feel sexy and wear something pretty and sparkly underneath my clothes, like lingerie, and be sexy for my man (when I get one lol).

My only concern is would it look trashy? I'm not the kind of girl to get a tramp stamp, and I am a relationship kind of girl, aka no hookups.

Also I'm not tatted up at all and only have my ears pierced. I know some guys have fetishes for girls with tattoos, but I'm not going for punky, hard look. Would a belly piercing make a guy have certain assumptions about me that aren't true?
Yes, they are trashy.
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They are not trashy.
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It depends on your overall look (explain).
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I should also add that I'm pale and soft/curvy but a small clothing size. So I don't have an athletic tummy, just the slight curved kind.
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Clarification: I am not overweight. My stomach is just not perfectly flat. I'm 5'3" 120 lbs. I wear pastels and bright colors, and tasteful makeup/jewelry, alternating between natural/hippie and trendy.
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I must confess that the thing attracting me to it is the sparkly/dangly princess-bellydancer thing about it.
Guys, belly button rings are trashy?
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