Girls, is this girl trying to get my attention?

To give you some background info, I have recently lost over 120 pounds of weight this past year and have been bulking up with muscle. Since my new muscle mass does compensate for much of the fat that remains I end having a pretty good figure, considering what it used to be. I've recebtly decided to go out and try and find a girl, since it is getting rather boring being alone in college. The last 4 I tried turned out to be lesbians heheh. (Figured out due to asking, specific lgbt stuff they had etc) I guess thats the risk you run when you like short haired girls. After failing with the fourth one, it was a quick realization. I realized that a really attractive (and straight) girl had been eyeing me all class. Thinking back it was subtle at first before class when I kept catching her giving me quick scabs when I stretched (sore from gym). I didn't think much of it until I kept noticing that she was looking back at me. Turning her head so that she could see out of the corner of her eye. At first I thought she was looking at someone else, but there are no other men in our desk row. This happened a few times until we finally locked eyes for about 5 seconds before she looked away again. As you can probably guess I am apprehensive considering what has been the norm when I approach women and how unbeleivably attractive this girl is. So my question is ladies, do you think she is into me? And should I appeoach her?
Yes, she probably likes you.
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No, misinterpreting thibgs.
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+1 y
I forgot to mention that I'm pretty sure she didn't see my fopar with the most recent lesbian so I don't think she was giving me a funny look because of that heheh
+1 y
So apparently I was misinterpreting things because when I asked her she stuttered out that she'd have an answer after class... skipped class and today's. So I think I'll be looking for lesbian #5 next. :(
Girls, is this girl trying to get my attention?
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