Does this mean my boyfriend doesn't think I am pretty anymore?

i will always call him handsome...say hi sexy...tell him how pretty his eyes are...compliment him and try to make him feel so good looking because I think he is...he thinks he is fat, but I constantly tell him how sexy I think his body is and I don't care that he gained weight...well, whenever I tell him things he says awwe thanks and kisses me on the forehead or cheek or cuddles up to me. or if I say it in a text he will either says thanks! or awwwe...

he never returns compliments...and I will spend forever getting dressed up for him if we go out somewhere and I won't get we went to this huge music festival (EDC) and I did my makeup really cute and wore a cute/sexy outfit. he didn't say anything, he only remarked on how huge my boobs looked.

then later on he saw his old HS friend and she wasn't even dressed up...has acne...just tomboyish...and he told her "awe you look cute tonight!" I don't understand...when I dress tomboyish he says how nice it would be to see me dressed I don't understand why he would think she is cute? she was not even that attractive so I felt bad...and showed it then finally he grabbed me and danced with me and said "oh f$%k you look so hot"...i don't understand?

does it sound like he isn't attracted to me anymore? we have been together 3 years and have a kid together...
Does this mean my boyfriend doesn't think I am pretty anymore?
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