Why are girls so indecisive and confusing?

After reading this article above, my brain started frying.

If a girl likes you, she'll be slightly mean to you.
If a girl doesn't like you, she'll be flirty.
If you show her interest, she'll lose hers.
If you lose your interest, she'll show hers.
If she has a boyfriend, she hits on you.
If she's single, she's insecure about you.
If a girl likes you, she will avoid eye contact.
If a girl doesn't, she will still avoid eye contact.
A girl leads on all the boys that she genuinely likes.
A girl dates all the boys who want nothing but casual sex wit her.
Girls want a man who works for what he wants in his life.
Girls don't even know what they want out of him.
Girls complain about wanting a caring and loving man but ignores him.
Girls will keep fucking the studs and complain about how they didn't really love her.
If her friends tell you that she likes you, she will act like she's not interested.
If her friends tell you she likes someone else, she flirts with you.
Girls keep talking about how independent they are but still don't know where they want to eat, and they rely on him to pay for the food.
Girls will say they're not hungry but eat half your meal.
Girls are always just 'like other girls' no matter how much they say otherwise.
If she gives you her number, she won't call or text.
Girls are much smarter, but they still fantasize about having the best wedding ever with their dream crush.
She wants an outgoing and interesting man, but she's boring as hell herself.
She wants a man who will always are and be there for her, but she never contributes to the relationship.
Girls are always emotional on their periods, but never know how they feel.

I got this idea of of this question that I enjoyed reading \/
Why are girls so confusing?

Is it really true how girls don't even know what they want in their lives at times?
Why are girls so indecisive and confusing?
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