Should I give her my number?

When chatting with women I'm interested in I've recently started to give them my number instead of asking for theirs, especially if they're at their place of work. I feel like I'm too respectful for my own good, I dont want to be intrusive and make them uncomfortable so I'll often save the compliments and flattery for text, if they ever text me. Now, I tell myself this is because I'm respectful but honestly I'm kinda just scared to ask for their number or compliment them in person, I'm so awkward I usually just bomb it. I haven't had much success with this method so I'm just wondering, do they just think I'm not man enough to say it in person so they aren't interested? Thanks!
Compliment in person, ask for her number
Give her my number, save compliments for text
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Should I give her my number?
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