Why is my guy friend mad at me?? Guys, help me out here.

One of my really close friends at work is a guy and lately he has been acting like he hates my guts and I can't really tell why. We haven friends for about a year and a half and we go for coffee and lunch all the time and we can talk about pretty much everything. Unfortunately, I work a lot outside of work so I'm always really busy. When he asks me to do stuff outside of work I never really have the time so I can't go. Maybe this is why he's mad at me?

My girlfriends keep telling me he most likely likes me but the way he treats me is like one of the guys. Also, there's this other guy in the office that flirts with me a lot but how can that p*ss him off?

Normally, I wouldn't care when someone is mad at me for no reason but I would hate to lose him as a friend.

Can you guys shed some light on this for me?


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  • Your friend sounds jealous, classic crush haha. sounds like he gets more angry that he can't see you than you personallly.


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  • well I think he does like you. If he sees you flirting and not focusing you atention on him he feels like he's being pushed away. A year friendship to a guy is almost like dating. Ask him why he is mad or if somthing is going on. bestway to find somtihing out is by asking.

    • I'm all ab out figuring it all out but I asked him and he kinda brushed me off by saying yup we're all good. For him to act like that with me is way off. As for the other guy, to me, he's just some guy but you're right friendships can be like dating.

    • well you should try asking him to hang out on a day you know your not going to be busy. but don't call or text try asking him if he's got any plans befor one of you two leaves work that way he can't make any excuses and just hang out with you, do you get what I mean?