I give my boyfriend everything, Why does he treat me like sh*t?

I know this may be long to read but I need some opinions...

Me and my boyfriend moved in together about 8 months ago.. Everything was smooth and lovey dovey. the past 4 months he's been treating me like ass.

1) we were suppose to split the rent/bills but he stopped helping me pay. I'm going broke and every time I ask him to help me out he says he's "not getting paid". I found out that was a lie because I saw money in his account

2) he works for at a cell phone store and every time he meets girls they always call and text him at night and he tells me its "customer relations" and I can't tripp about it. but girls texting my boy @ 2am saying "what are you doing" is unacceptable to me. If its customer relations why the f*** would she care what he's doing @ 2am?! I caught him texting another girl and calling her a lot telling her to take him out shopping because he doesn't know what to wear. isn't that something I'm suppose to be doing?

3) he works 7 days a week from 8am-10pm supposely... and he's not getting paid?!

4) Whenever I catch him doing something wrong and I want to talk it out.. there is no thought in my mind EVER leaving him... that's the last thought possible but whenever I want to talk about something he always gets fed up and says "lets just end it" but then after a couple hours he'll be all sweet all over again...

5) one thing that bothers me the most is him looking at porn everyday... I know your thinking all guys look at porn.. but honestly I give him head everyday before he sleeps and when he wakes up. literally we have sex pretty often... anybody tell me why he is still looking at it?! it really really really bothers me... esp when I give him head sooooo often just so that he won't look at porn..

6) I cook clean do his laundry pick up after his sh*t pay the rent pay the bills pay his telephone bills.. I never did these kinds of things before... I learned to do all that when I got with my boyfriend... my question is... I give him everything he wants.. what more can he ask for? he still treats me like sh*t

7) he tells me not to be so nice and understanding... but I can't help it... there are times when I blow up and want to call it quits... but its just so hard for me because I LOVE him and I AM living with him... I'm so p**** to leave him... why is that?!

8) why is it the more he treats me like sh*t the more I want to do MORE to make him love me like how he use to love me...

9) why is it that every time I do something good... I get my heart stomped all over...

10) you ask me why I love him?.. honestly I don't know.. I just can't see myself without him...

I give my boyfriend everything, Why does he treat me like sh*t?
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