The One Question Every Woman Hates that is More Important than Any Other


This is such a revealing question! Ask early on!

Darius says, "You as a man are a business. Your time is not to be played want to deal with only quality people...Women have been getting away with for far to long just bringing sex and that is it."

How do you know that the woman you are talking to is a quality woman? Ask this one question to find out based on how she reacts and answers:

"What can you offer me that another woman can't?"

Before I came across this video today I actually asked this question to women and was shocked by the response. Most women when I have asked this question get defense and angry. Their initial reply usually is, "What is it that you have to offer as a man?"

This is something that I have noticed from most women. They are so insecure with expressing their own opinions and beliefs that if you ask them a question they will respond back with the same question. You guys ever notice that? It is insecure. It is WEAK. When someone asks me a question I give my answer and I dont give a shit what the person asking me thinks. It is what I truly believe. And if you disagree I will respectfully listen and you might change my mind. But it is strength to have beliefs and values and principles.

Another way that women respond to this question is they unmatch you online or they refuse to reply and simply ignore you. Once again. These are women who are insecure. Have no sense of their own self worth or value. Or maybe they know their qualities but they are worried if the guy will like them.

The last type of female response is my FAVORITE. A woman MAY actually tell you what she can offer. These are the type of women that are sooooo sexy. They are not insecure. They know what qualities they have as a woman. They are introspective rather than narcissistic. They might actually give you fun tidbits about them-self like they can cook or burb for three mins or have a great blowjob or maybe they can talk about poetry or sing.

The One Question Every Woman Hates that is More Important than Any Other
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  • MrOracle
    Men have ALWAYS been judged on what they bring to the relationship - and that has generally varied widely, based on his career and ambition, etc., but women were mostly expected to bring to the relationship: child-bearing, child-raising, managing the home, and providing comfort for her husband (which typically included cooking), who was out earning a living and supporting the family financially. This wasn't ALWAYS the case, but it was usually the case.

    Feminism saw women go to work outside the home as the norm, and also to pursue advanced educations in order to work outside the home, so the other traditional things that women used to bring to the table were largely abandoned, and women who chose to continue the traditional housewife role were often berated, blamed, and shunned as "gender traitors."

    The problem is: men didn't get into relationships and get married because they wanted someone else to pay the bills, they got into relationships and got married because they wanted to start families and have their children raised with their values. And so what happens is men either aren't interested in a career woman, because he wants a wife to have children with, or, the men who ARE interested in career women are interested in them because the man would rather be lazy, stay home, and play video games all day. Women also have never been less happy with their lives, and have never been more lonely.

    Who would have thought that working outside the home was difficult and stressful? Shockingly, women find it exhausting to commute to jobs, to deal with office politics, have a constant list of deliverables, and to be in constant competition with other workers (something men have always had to deal with, and get little sympathy for). Of course, great pains are taken to blame men for this, but it turns out that no amount of "equality" can make men bear children, nor are men as well equipped to raise them, at least in their early years.

    But when women are asked what they bring to the table, and they say "I have a degree and a career", most men aren't particularly moved. They often have those things already, and even if some don't have a degree, they may still have a lucrative job in construction or as a mechanic or some similar job where they make decent or even very good money. What they're looking for is not another earner - it's a wife and children. And with fewer women interested in that - and constantly being told NOT to be interested in that by other women - is it a surprise that men are less and less interested in relationships and marriage? Or that women are less and less happy with their lives?

    Makes you wonder.
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    • @MrOracle
      "What they're looking for is not another earner - it's a wife and children."
      So well put! So sad that women are trying to prove themselves in every way but as a wife and mother. Too bad i can only give you 1 thumbs up!

    • Unit1

      I'm gonna be that odd one out, who feels absolutely unmoved when women say they bring "housewife performance and homemaking and raising kids" to the table and much more moved if women tell me "I have a masters degree and a career and I love to travel".

    • @Unit1
      That's the big difference in our generations.
      We're more family oriented.

      So, if she has a masters, she'll probably want to work for 10 years before having kids OR she might not want to even bear kids. So, you'll travel the world, but not have the joys of a family. OR if you have one, you might do the nanny thing, where the nanny is practically a surrogate mother.

      I married the girl who wanted a family. I wouldn't trade it for 10 trips around the world. However, I hear you. Your generation would rather see the world. For me there's no place like home.

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  • Shamalien
    Lol if u ask a woman what she can offer and she talks about great blowjobs... newsflash that is probs not a quality woman, she learned that shit sucking strange cock. I want a girl who’s been doing something other than sucking dick her whole life. If she says “a unique perspective, empathy, compassion, amazing food” thats the shit I want
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  • yucychan
    I guess if you are looking for an answer, then that answer is "nothing".
    There's always going to be another woman that can offer the same or even more.
    It's just sad that you are with a woman because of what she can offer you, and not because you liked her.
    • Apope16

      All good points. But you don't understand a fundamental concept. Every woman is with a man because of what he can offer them. Not based on just the fact that they like them. What this question does is flip the question on its head and forces a woman to know how a guy feels. Other than sex... what is it that you as a woman bring to the relationship? Many women dont have the inward confidence to even recognize their own value.

    • "Every woman is with a man because of what he can offer them."


    • If I was with my husband simply because of financial benefits I'd be pretty stupid. I make more money than he does but that's fine. I'm not with him for his money. Im with him because he's been my best friend for 10 years. he's someone I can always rely on and someone I genuinely care about. He's with me because he knows I offer him the same love and support. It sounds to me like you've just never experienced a genuine connection with anyone, OP.

  • Im not insecure but i also ain't gonna lie. This is that question that i also fail at at job interviews. I think their are things about me that are rare but i dont think i have anything that makes me better than another woman (in your case) or another potential employee. Im just me, like it or read the message on the tshirt in my pfp 🤷‍♀️
    • Apope16

      True. I think you bring up a good point. BUt I also think that this question hard for women because they never have to validate themself to men in the sexual market place. In society they never ask men out, or pay for the first drink (there are exceptions but you get my point). The point here is women are CONDITIONED to think that the man has to chase them and validate themselves to a woman. Women have gotten LAZY. They sit back and watch the men do everything. Then if it doesn't work out they have 50 other messages and possible dates with guys. They are so used to taking men for granted that they have straight up been lazy with men and dating.

    • You gotta stop saying women. Not all of us agree. People need to remember that words like SOME, MOST, and FEW exist for a reason. Part of why i didn't approach guys for a date was because i knew there was not much about me to make me standout. I do approach guys for convo and friendship. I may even ask for their number or if they wanna study together. But i’ll prob never flatout ask a dude on a date unless we’ve expressed mutual attraction. I accept that im not all that special. But the right one will find something special about me that i dont even know about myself. It doesn't make me insecure if i know who i am rather than what i may have to offer

  • sdtabot
    Most women would be defensive because it is a very demeaning question. It is a question that most men who thinks women can only give sex would ask.

    What kind of woman are you meeting? Decent women have jobs too and can support themselves financially. They don't even have to rely on you for anything. Then, asking them what they can offer when they don't even ask you is like looking down at them because you felt the need to ask instead of seeing it for yourself. They're not only there for sex. But most men make women feel that their sole purpose in a relationship is to provide sexual pleasure. Most men I encountered here would even say that if you want emotional support or love, you should give sexual pleasure. It is very demeaning.

    Women, like men, can provide financial and emotional support. They are people who have talents and skills.

    Asking someone, women or men, what they can give makes you look like an employer - someone who doesn't really give a shit about the person as long as they can serve a purpose.
    • Apope16

      Young professional women. A woman is so used to making a man qualify himself to her that she never has to ask herself what she brings to the table. So a woman that isn't playing games and is truly interested in you? she will answer. Its a great conversation starter too. She might say something funny like she can stand on her head or some talent. Or she might be serious and say she is compassionate. It really is more of an ice breaker. "Oh. So you are compassionate? That's really cool. Is that a quality that you like in a guy too? Tell me about how you are compassionate?" Then that makes her feel good because she sees you really are into her in a deep and meaningful way rather than just pussy.

    • sdtabot

      The last time I answered that kind of question, the guy just ridiculed my answer.

  • nella965
    I think a man who complains about women are the ones with issues. High quality men don’t need to call all women crazy or insecure cus they can easily get women that aren’t both those things
    • Apope16

      Men who complain about women is not the topic of conversation here.

    • nella965

      Well not all women are insecure, I am not so your question really has no application to reality

    • ttnnkkrr

      @nella965 i think you are right tge article s i have seen by this author seems to view women in a poor light. infact the title and tge question demonstraight a total disconnect with compassion and love. love, companionship, a sense of completeness has nothing to do with what she has to offer. what i find offensive in the question he suggests is the connotation that there are women that do not "earn" love. that it is some how your partners role to be better than or discarded. a real man sees in a woman a role he can fill in her life. as a good woman does to a man. in other words both partners seek to fullfill not be fullfilled. love is an act of giving and self sacrifice, not opportunistic selection...

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  • Adam1978
    Why should she need to deliver something other women can't? I don't blame them for being pissed if that question is asked. I am not going to deliver something to the woman that other guys can't. That creates a impossible situation, should only unique people with unique resources be people who get together and all other stay single just because we aren't special enough? So this isn't about her insecurity it's about your ridiculous demands. You can never get a fair relationship with that start.
    • Apope16

      The question is basically saying "what makes you unique?" Or to put it more bluntly adam...

      "What do you have to offer in this relationship other than a pussy which every woman has?"

      Does that make sense?

    • Adam1978

      Well first of all you don't have the option to get any woman's pussy, anyone starting with that question is bound to lose the great majority of your options because you haven't proven your unique. She has just approach and clearly noticed that your full of yourself. And that is when you become unworthy. Instead of appreciate that she took the effort and nicely hear her out. And if you think she is only bringing her pussy into the deal you really have a poor woman view, which is another reason for them to reject you. Her package doesn't have to contain something unique the combination may differ compare to others but it only needs to be good enough for a fair trade.

  • AlienParasite
    This question is absurd and kind of entitled. I'll explain why:

    1. It's absurd because there's nothing you can offer than nobody else in the entire world can't offer. Everybody can be replaced. Even if they say "I can cook" "I earn a lot of money" "I like poetry" "I give good blowjobs", there are many women that can do that in this world, and so they aren't offering something another woman couldn't.

    2. It sounds entitled because it sounds like "Tell me quickly you qualities, so I don't have to lose precious time meeting you, when I could be using it for other girl".

    Honestly, this questions gives a bad impression. I thin the intention isn't that bad, but the wording is terrible. There are friendlier ways to ask this question like "what skills you have you are most proud of" or "what would you say are your best qualities". I think girls' answers would be more positive if the question was worded like this.
  • Shuri
    To be honest, if you asked me this question flat out, I wouldn't see you again because it tells me you are a selfish person that's only looking for what you can take, not what you can give. Relationships are supposed to be about both and building each other up in a loving manner.

    The truth is that every person has the potential to offer their potential partner something that someone else can't. That's actually the WRONG question to be asking because anyone can lie, and, honestly, you sound like a conceited dickhead when you ask that, male or female. Seriously, what can I bring to you? Excuse me, but what can you bring to ME? This is something everyone should be searching for when dating. And you don't ever just 'ask'. You get to know them and see for yourself.

    The entire point of dating is to see what you can add to a person and what you receive from a person and determine if this is even a person that is worth your time. Asking this question won't do anything for anyone. Every relationship in some capacity is give and take, even abusive and negligent ones. You have to decide who is worth your time and who is not and determine for yourself if this is the person you are meant to be with.

    Seriously, that's a really stupid question.
  • Ellie-V
    I would honestly ignore that question and leave the conversation entirely. For the most part I’m very secure in myself what I have going on in my life but people who think like that dude in the video repel me. Having that mindset is enough for me to walk away immediately, I don’t really care how they interpret it. You can think I’m weak, because I think you’re gross. Mutual dislike so all is good and balanced 😂
    • UmarCGA

      Well women never wana prove anything that is not weakness. That is women are spoiled. And that is done by us

    • Ellie-V

      @UmarCGA Ok well me as an individual I would have no reason to prove myself to someone who’d ask me that question or someone who has that mentality. If you feel it’s weakness, keep on feeling that way 😂

  • MzAsh
    It’s a fair question. I’ve written articles begging the same question and was bombarded with mgtow hate and vitriol but that’s another story.

    But this guy’s gotta quit kidding himself about men not needing sex as well as the value of a man vs the value of a woman. We know how men act when they aren’t getting what they want.

    A woman more often than not is going to have a greater abundance of options than the man in regards to both sex and commitment.

    And I advise all women to command commitment *before* sex. Men qualify themselves to a woman first, then she reciprocates value.

    But I’d also advise women to prepare a kick ass, authentic answer to the question and want him want to work for everything she’s about and brings to the table.
    • Apope16

      THe only reason guys would give you a thumb down is because you used the phrase "mgtow hate". its like mgtow bros get triggered rather than consider what you are saying at face value. all good points.

    • @MzAsh So well said

  • hellionthesagereborn
    Well the reason why they get defensive is because they where raised their entire life to not HAVE TO PROVIDE SOMETHING. They are told and raised to believe that a expecting a woman to cook and clean is sexist (it is not sexist however to expect a man to be a provider and protector because "reasons"). They are told that a woman shouldn't have to be nurturing and in fact this is a bad thing.

    So what do they have to offer beyond sex? Well women who believe this (and many do because they have had it force fed into their brains since grades school by both our "education" system and the media) don't have anything TO offer. They expect the man to be traditionally male, so a man isn't going to need a woman who tries to act traditionaly male (as she can only provide less then what he is able to provide (a woman can never be more than a second rate man, a man no more then a second rate woman, but a man can be a first rate man and a woman a first rate woman)), and with no other skills or expectations placed on them (as women have actively fought against responsibility and expectations for over a century now), they have only sex to offer (and many women have given that away so many times that even that isn't valuable anymore).

    This is why men need to step up and not try and wife up these types of women or get into relationships with them. I mean women would never date a man who doesn't have the capacity to provide and protect, why are we as men so desperate for attention and sex that we would sell ourselves for a woman that treats us like a commodity (this can be proven with the simple fact that women expect men to pay for dates despite claiming to be equals. When you ask them why, they will say to pay for their time I. e. their time is more important then YOUR time by simple fact that they have a vagina and you don't. Clearly they don't think highly of men and why a man would tolerate that in a prospective mate is beyond me). Men need to step up and not tolerate this, if enough men demand something of value beyond sex from women (just as women do for men), they will be forced to improve themselves and actually be better people which is better for every one.
  • Is it bad that while this guy is clearly some type of misogynistic poop, asking that question isn't actually that bad. I mean, it allows the person themselves to really look themselves and ask themselves what they really do provide in a relationship. For instance, the question isn't necessarily pervy or bad. Nor do the answers have to be. If asked, I'd first emphasize loyalty. In my principle of being mongoamous and being so that the person im with will never need to worry about infidelity with me, and if push comes to shove, if I'm unsatified in the relationship, ill just end things if things aren't working. As well as my interest in traveling and ttying new things, thus ensuring time well spent with eachother going different places and expereincing fun new memories with eachother. The lost can go on. And like he would ask me, I'd ask him. Like, why is this question bad? I mean sure under the context it can be bad if he isn't willing to provide an answer to the question too, but I'd have fun answering it.

    This also reminds me of an article i found regardging important questions a girl should ask her man while on a date. And if i rember, it was something along the lines of "What are your intnetions of pursuing a relationship with me?"
    So i kind of get similar vibes from this question. For as abrasive as this questions may be, they cut to the point and ask the big questions between your partner that can detail the expectations between one another, and if things dont add between eachother, at least you learn things earlier instead of years later.
  • Unit1
    "What can you offer me that another woman can't?"

    Very accurate! I remember many times when women were being asked that question and then there's silence. Basically means they offer nothing but their beautiful bodies. And to see this happening more often than not is quite a bad situation.
    But never forget, that relationships are about GIVING, not exactly GETTING.

    At least we men find a way out in any case - if we really want to ;)
  • Kurαȷ
    I would also hate that question, because it is a dumb question.
    Someone's attraction towards someone shouldn't be quantifiable.

    In fact, if someone gives me a compelling, objective reason why they chose me over any amount of other people, I would probably lose interest in them altogether.

    Romance to me isn't shopping for the best computer parts, it should be impossible to explain.
    I want to be liked for "I don't know, I just do!", that's the only legitimate attraction, in my opinion.

    The rest is just convenience and calculation of people who have intrinsic romantic inclinations and are simply just looking for the least problematic sexual partner.
  • spuitkaas
    I think they're insecure if they actually answer that question tbh. I'm not going to prove myself to someone I don't even know. Truth is I can't offer something else that other women can't, except my personality, but then you can still like other personalities more tbh. Same with men. You really think you can offer things other men can't except for your personality? It's a stupid question.
    Also you don't have to quote Darius bc it's not like he seems like he has anything valuable to say. Rather listen to someone who actually has knowledge and studied dating and relationships between people.
  • Yads_Is_Back
    I have no problem answering that question to a guy, but the big thing here is what purplepoppy said. We aren't on a date or getting to know a guy for an interview, and that's annoying, so of course we're going to ghost you, ignore you, etc.

    If you're interested in seeing my point, watch how many of those guys who asked that come BACK to the same woman once she ghosts him and shows her worth and respect to another man who isn't an interviewer. That's where that man gets in a tantrum.
    • "You have expectations for me to contribute to the relationship? Kay I'll find someome else."

      This is the equivalent of man ghosting you because you told him that you think men need to contribute 50/50 to housework/chores. Or in the middle of the date you ask, "what's your biggest passion?", and in response he just stands up and leaves.

    • @devilman666 Both contribute - guy and girl, so I don't know where your first quote statement came from. And why would he stand up and leave when asked about his passion? I’m sorry, call me stupid, but I don’t understand your point at all.

    • If both contribute then what is wrong with asking a woman what she will contribute to the relationship?

      That quote was the essence of what I took from what you said, that what you really meant was that you dont want anyone asking what you will contribite to the relationship.

      Because asking a man what he's passionate about is an interview question. Not only is it legit something that could be asked at an interview, but it's also a question women often use early on to try and figure out whether the man is worth their time. No woman seems to want an unambitious man, they use it as a way to get an idea how much you'll be worth in the future. If the man says, "my only ambition is to help clean up the planet as much as I can.", and he went out on weekends to collect garbage to keep his community clean then you'd probably not be interested, if he said "I plan on working hard to get promoted in my career, my goal is to get a 6 figure salary so that I can buy a Rolls-Royce.", then you'd be much more interested.

      "What will you contribute to the relationship?" -INTERVIEW QUESTION!!
      "What's your biggest passion?" -NOT AN INTERVIEW QUESTION!!

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  • Felicityoyo
    You talk as if being in a relationship / marriage is a business or trading of goods... its not. It's about emotional connection and having someone you can rely on. Someone you can be comfortable with and supports you. And this should be equal on both sides. I don't know what qualities or imbalances you seem to be so worked up about but you shouldn't enter a relationship to immediately gain something. It's a give and take. Sometimes you give a little more and sometimes you get a little more.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    Only boys ask such questions, not men and gag is full of whiny little boys and therefore, i am not suprised at the answeres and likes. These are the same guys who call traditional women golddiggers for them excepting a man to provide her and pay the dates but also call working women caarer whores.

      Lol, how dare we ask what you can offer us? We are supposed to only expect sex, because we are stupid, horny, men.

      I'm not upset by either of those, what upset me is a woman who works part time, an expects her man to make twice as much as she does and give her everything she wants, but then also, since she chooses to work part time they split the chores 50/50. So he works extra hard to provide for her and then they split the housework evenly? That doesn't make sense. The majority of working women expect their man to earn more than they do, so it's not like this is a rare thing.

    • I dont know any women who work part time but also have partners who split the 50/59 house whores. It is more she does the all household chores and child care but also work part time to support the family. I think you should stop dreaming much.

    • If you are not upset by this why do you get triggered by my post so much? Just because i mentioned the incels like you who put words in my mouth and say things i did not imply or said? Are you schizophrenic or say things i did not even say? Suck your so called boss dick somewhereelse rather than under my post. Thank you

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  • Bandit74
    "What can you offer me that another woman can't"

    I do think that there is more pressure on men to justify why they are worth dating while women view themselves as prizes and just sit back/ cast judgment on all their various suitors.

    That being said, what can any of us really offer that someone else couldn't?
    Most people are average or worse and don't possess any rare traits/qualities that couldn't easily be found in another person.
  • Dargil
    Mr. O has excellent insight, as usual.
    In my rants, I have pointed out that foreign-born East Asians and Latinas still possess the traditional qualities men actually want. I brought a Philippine woman to the USA and married her. To possible detractors, she is about my age and lived on her own before coming here. I feel like I'm cheating fate every day.
  • What we hate are job interview style questions.
    • Apope16

      No different than a woman saying "So what do you do for a living?" (I want to calculate what your salary is)

      A lady can instead ask "whats your credit score"?

    • Or as she is saying, both can avoid the interview and get to know each other by being around each other and see where things go.

    • XD what do you mean? Women love these questions, they ask them all the time on dates! Like when a girl asks how much you make, or what kind of job you have, she's interviewing you to be her sugar daddy.

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  • DianaWest
    oh, poor woman didn't know she was heading to a job interview instead of a date. people can TELL you all the shit you want to hear. wouldn't you rather they show it? besides, any women can tell you: "I will kiss your ass when you want me to."
  • djmzes
  • If some sketchy-ass chap showed up with (or without) a microphone asking me that question out of nowhere, the best case scenario would be me asking "Who TF are you?" If a guy asked that on a date then you can be 101% certain I'm not going out on another date with this man.

    No it's not because I'm insecure. It is because I don't want to bother with someone that dense. Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense will know that this question is moronic on a whole another level. If you're truly willing to know what someone has to offer, you do that by getting to know them. Talking to them, spending time with them, that's why you go out on dates, silly! When you get to know somebody, you will get to understand by yourself what that person has to offer that nobody else does.
    That was how my boyfriend decided that I was the one he's looking for.
    • l. If you're truly willing to know what someone has to offer, you do that by getting to know them. Talking to them, spending time with them, that's why you go out on dates, silly! When you get to know somebody, you will get to understand by yourself what that person has to offer that nobody else does.
      That was how my boyfriend decided that I was the one he's looking for.


  • Dre_808
    That's not a question you should ask someone online or over the phone. That's a face to face question for a serious conversation, and you probably shouldn't lead with that. If that's something that you genuinely want to know the answer to, I think it should be asked after you meet and get to know each other a bit.
  • Weasly
    That is an interview question, where they ask about other candidates, not a dating question. It just puts most people on the spot and is likely to make them uncomfortable from that point onwards in my opinion.
    and the NUMBER ONE question every male dreads: does my ass look fat in these jeans?
    doesn't matter our answer, you use it to critisize us anyway because its wrong.
    yes we know you butt looks fat but we ain't gonna point it out because we care about your feelings too.
  • sillyfairy474
    I know personally, I wouldn’t appreciate that question (as it is currently written.) It has nothing to do with being insecure. But this isn’t a job interview so asking that question verbatim comes off tactless. I understand having that question as any person dating, not just a man. There are plenty of career women out there if that’s what you’re looking for. To say that most women only bring sex to the table seems to reflect more back on you and your mindset, rather than women or dating as whole. Also, if I go into a date feeling like you’re interviewing me and I like I have give a monologue describing why I deserve to be there, I’m not interested. Get to know me and find out or find a more tactful way to ask me the same question. That statement is abrasive, that’s why women get offended.
  • Women dont have anything to offer. They are in fact extremely detrimental to you life as a man.
    This is why women are terrified of sex dolls / robots and are actively campaigning to ban them. They can literally be replaced with an inanimate object.
    The only thing besides sex they can offer is children, but with the laws bieng what they are you are far more likely to lose your children in a divorce than to be a part of thier lives.
  • DellBell
    I'm sorry but why on earth would you ask a question like that? Why not just get to know the woman and find out for yourself? If you think she is different than the other ladies you have met? There is just some things you don't say to men and women specially on a date... this is definitely it! Also women would get red flags if they were asked something like this... I would for sure I would be thinking of great this guy wants to see what he can get from me... doesn't really want to get to know me and see for himself what makes me different and unique in my own ways... I'm sorry but asking a question like that on a date is a hudge turn off for women and I'm sure it would be for men as well... I'm sure they would be thinking jesus this woman crazy!
    • Jack9949

      Exactly. Just get to know the actual goddamn person yourself.

  • jgibsonian1986
    I'm not sure any of us can offer anything another couldn't aside from genes even those sometimes. For me the question feels like less of one seeking the answer and more of one seeking their answer.

    I'm not sure you can say this is a question any woman hates because if you asked a man the same it's just as possible that they will be offended. I'd be willing to say that if an employer asked the interviewed "What can you offer this company that someone else couldn't" it would challenge most people.

    There is nothing one can give that another cannot, other than what is theirs to give. Their time, their love, their opinions and ideas. There is truly only one thing any of us can give that is even slightly unique, and it's ourselves.
    This is a really interesting take and I like it, but Darius in the Video could've been way more Respectful talking about women regardless of if he was saying facts or not, you simply don't talk in a biased way and expect people to hear you out, He sounded like he has experience but he probably got this as a bright idea or copied it from somewhere...
  • MalcolmNZ
    Women need men for food lollol the Preacher in the video said.
    What century is this guy living in? He comes across to me as a
    dumbf. ck!

    It all comes down to the individual not sex. A good
    heart is a good start.
  • crazy8000
    There are very clear reasons that aren't popular or comfortable for they that are like this.
    The best thing is to which them good luck with someone that's into someone like her.
    That will piss her off really bad on the inside unless she suffers from to much narcissism.

    Usually immatur female's get triggered by this question. especially if she tries to make you to show what you have to bring to the table. even if it's just in her mind.
  • Crankor
    A girl than so easily can answer that also could be overly conceited and just think the world revolves around her. Suppose its just preference in attitude. Though it shows they are a bit more decisive which can be nice
  • jennifer_bloom
    I think of a relationship as a barbecue - you have regular items that everybody has like meat in some form and veggies but you might also have some rare items others do not have like chardonnay or egg custard - the egg custard and chardonnay are delightful and pleasant but they are not as important to the barbecue as the meat and veggies even though every barbecue has meat and veggies if you are doing it buffet party style - that is how I see the woman - what she offers that is common to other woman is more important than what she offers that is uncommon to other woman but what is uncommon brings more happiness than what is common - the selection of a mate and the participation of your life after you make your selection are two distinct ideas
  • joeblow123
    "The One Question Every Woman Hates that is More Important than Any Other"

    Is that question:

    "Are you a tranny?" LMFAO
  • Liam_Hayden
    "What can you offer me that another woman can't?"

    Yeah, I bet guys who use that line get soooo many dates.
  • Knuxx
    This question is simply good for either party in a relationship. Regardless of anyone's gender gender of couple doesn't matter either.
  • 1wetsMaNicker
    What the fuck? I feel sorry for any sister to cease communication with any full of themselves fucktard after bening asked such a rude and disgusting question 👎👎👎👎👎
  • neurolove
    Most can bring children. Except. I never wanted any. That is only valued by men who do not want kids. This take doesn't apply to all women. You're really just stereotyping. I'm educated, I'm rich, I'm caring, sensual and a great cook who loves adventure and fun. And I'm hot. But that is subjective. What is this, a dating site? Why are you asking my value? I would not go for a man who goes around acting entitled as if I have to prove something. If you're smart and intuitive, you would figure that out on your own. The point is, everyone has value to someone. This take is too trite.
  • bamesjond0069
    If all they have is a vagina and a career they are worthless in my opinion. I can get a pussy from any club or tinder. And i make more than enough money myself. So that girl has zero value.
  • 8lutty
    or maybe there is so many retards that always making war over differrent opinion, choice, and that make her doesn't want to answer your question, u know, those people who call others weak just because other dont want to answer the question :)))
  • mrfoox
    At first i was a little annoyed about this question but then I thought about it, and I think I understand what you're saying. It's about knowing yourself and what you have for strong qualities. I know I've been bad in the past to know myself and I have been working on reflecting and understanding who I am. Easy to find negatives but I've definitely found good things I do and can do
    Think we can all benefit from looking not only at ourselves but within ourselves too and learn and understand who we are
  • opnbuk59
    Your right and it's about people want to live in this fantasy land not wanting to hear io to tell face reallyr the truth instead bull shit you with fancy sayings or run to someone who won't challenge them but valid as asking this question is it's not a make or break stay or leave situation should be a defining moment make you do and really take a hard close look look at you who you really are what your about it's not s negative or calling you out. Each of us at times thought it lives should stop and see our selves this save thing it's not a question for women but all of us people start taking an honest approach to who they truly are might be a better place, everyone start removing the man they been hiding behind realize there really is s beautiful person behind it
    AMEN, Brother... i gotta try this sometime if i ever think about dating someone else... i don't feel the need to ask this question of the gal i'm thinkin bout right now... XD
    Oh man i am going to remember this question. It can weed out the bad women and stop future bad relationships. If i used this in the past maybe i would had better luck with my exes. Thanks bro. 👍😎
  • BlessedDaddy
    If a womam responded to that question: I hope she nails the rest of the interview and gets the job, she deserves it.
  • leahzrc
    i would just say i can't offer anything that another women can because i don't know. look i am so offended
  • As an insecure woman myself this question wouldn’t upset me. I’d be confused and wouldn’t know how to answer because I recognize that I don’t have anything to offer that sets me apart. As an insecure woman, I allowed my husband to define what I had to offer when he said I will fill in the responsibilities of a woman. Fast forward to almost 10 years of feeling empty and unsatisfied with life because I underestimated myself and my potential. What a modern woman wants is not to have to compete with her husband. How about treating each other like equal partners and expecting her to contribute what you expect to contribute yourself. This question should be offensive to a woman that respects herself. Especially if she’s worked hard to get where she’s at to find an equal partner. If you’re asking this then you’re not wanting an equal partner. What you’ll get is someone who is used to selling herself on her strong points. Doesn’t mean jack shit on her confidence levels.
  • sadiefluff
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wow buddy... this has NOTHING to do with women being “insecure”... And if you don’t get that, then you’re an idiot. There is something so much more complicated going on here, that I honestly can even try to put into words. All I can say is, if you want to understand what I’m trying to say, you’ll need to live a couple years as a female, and then and only then, you’ll actually get it. The top dog can NEVER fully understand the underdog until they’re the fucking underdog themselves. Try to understand that.
    • How is he supposed to know its not about insecurity when you’re not willing to explain it? While I agree with you, I think you’re just proving his point.

    • sadiefluff

      @2Lips well I guess I better said what I meant in a second reply I made:
      No, a woman asking “what do you do for a living?” Is the EQUIVALENT of a man not even considering a woman from a distance if she isn’t thin, attractive, and sexy. I have fallen in love and dated men that would not be considered attractive by social standards but because I loved who they were on the inside. What made me give him a chance was that he had his crap together and had a good job. Women go for men who have good careers, men go for women’s physical appearance when they decide to date someone. It’s called biology. Both sides get resentful about it. But it’s true. A man asking a woman what her effing value is for HIM? Well unless he’s ready and eager to ALSO offer up how he can be of better value than another man with a good job, then he’s just a bitter, arrogant ass.