Advice for Guys: Darius M. is Awesome

Advice for Guys: Darius M. is Awesome

Listen up, guys. Just want to share with you a nice gem of a guy on YouTube named Darius M, if you haven't heard of him or watched any of his videos yet. About a month or two ago he showed up in my YouTube feed, one of those videos about "what most women won't tell you." I understand that YouTube influencers need to give titles like these to their videos as a sort of click bait, to get you watching, which did happen to me that time lol. Hey, they've gotta reel in viewers somehow.

When I first started watching the video I thought this guy was going to be another one of these soft, weak, angry MGTOW type uploaders, but it was the opposite. I'm not sure if Darius identifies as MGTOW, but his videos don't quite seem like that. His message was explosively impactful about women, especially today's women. Let's explore Darius M for a moment. A jaunt down the yellow brick road, shall we?

Darius M tells sh*t like it is

First I need to make this absolutely clear in case some of you softies go on his channel and can't handle him: Darius M can be heavy with his messages about women. He can be downright mean. He may seem a little too strong or aggressive, and his form is not for everyone, and at moments he can be a bit unrefined, but ultimately there's a lot of truth and knowledge to gain from his videos about women, and even about being a tougher guy with women.

Advice for Guys: Darius M. is Awesome

Sometimes he can be a little too heavy even for me, and you don't have to agree with all his points, but most of what he says is difficult for me to disagree with, as I also learned many of the things he talked about over the years with my own experiences with women as well as my inexperience years ago as a younger man. A lot of what Darius M talks about concerning women nowadays are the same things I myself have been saying for millenia, so it always blows my mind every time I watch something from him and I hear him echoing my own brain.

What I like about Darius is that he gives the facts about modern women and is still comfortable with his own self. I really like his attitude that says, "I don't really care if you don't like it or agree with me or don't want to watch anymore, my world will still go on." Even when he can be a little too harsh, he still can smile at times. I love the way he makes most of his videos in the outdoors, which is a nice vibe, and how he starts all his videos with intro clips from funny hoes off TikTok. And as I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure if he exactly identifies as MGTOW, but what I can say is that he certainly doesn't seem like it because while he teaches guys about modern women, he also puts emphasis on how important it is for guys to take care of themselves, cultivate their own lives, not be a soft, weak simp or beta male when you are connecting with a woman, and not to care about women who don't care about you. He teaches guys to be firm and stand their ground with women they might be getting involved with, or even against women who just want to use them for money or emotional validation.

Please check him out

I've never been a fan of all the MGTOW types of guys you see trying to preach on YouTube, I rarely watch their videos, but Darius M. is a real gem with strong messages. A lot of times I'll see his vids show up in my feed and I'll casually start watching one or two, and then BAM, he gets straight to the point and I find myself listening to the end. If you can't handle him, don't waste your time, but for other guys who want to learn something, please dig in.

Advice for Guys: Darius M. is Awesome

Darius has actual good insight on women who just want to hook up, women who love badasses, women who only care about attention, women who just want validation from you, and more. Unlike Kevin Samuels - who I absolutely cannot stand, is morbidly arrogant, and downright unnecessarily brutal towards women guests on his programs - Darius M gives you practical street smart insight on being a guy and knowing what today's women are all about. So please, guys, give him a shot and get smart. For the faint of heart, keep simping and crying.

Just gonna drop one of these here for you to sample on my way out...


Advice for Guys: Darius M. is Awesome
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