How do I protect my girlfriend from haters?

I kicked a fake friend out of my life who said my girl dresses like a hoochie.
she's everything I’ve ever wanted. She’s a great person people fail to see that because she’s hot and while she dresses sexy she’s not a slut or anything she’s smart and loyal af. I know she’s loyal because I tried getting with her when she was with her ex. I had to wait to be with her. This is my dream girl. There’s even plans for a wedding.

Some of the older women in my family might say some garbage not only cause of how she dresses but because she’s Asian and I’m Latino.
But I love her and she’s amazing.

People dont care she’s 3 years older than me but she’s gonna be my wife the mother of my children

i know she's hot. I know creeps on the internet jack off to her that’s why she went private on her social media.
It’s a lot of pressure this is my family my queen my everything
How do I protect my girlfriend from haters?
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