Was she actually hitting on me?

Well when i was at the gym late in the evening, all the other benches were free (as there were barely any other member) except for the one I was using. And then this girl still comes next to my bench and stretches quite close next to me for quite sometime. She then puts her legs on the legs of my bench for support for some more stretches. I just kept doing some work out and then when i got up to adjust my bench she came in my direction/way like it was an accident. And when I freaked out and smiled/blushed at her. She didn't even have a surprised look on her face and just got happy smiling like it was something expected. Then she was trying to tell me that she was not passing me by just walked im my direction to use a spot in front of me. Since her English wasn't very good I asked what was she trying to tell me but then as she was struggling to speak she just stopped and continued with her workout and i with mine till i was done and went into shower.
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Was she actually hitting on me?
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