To forgive and stay or to forgive and go?

Girl I was dating came on to my best friend at the time (who was also business partner) and SHE was the one constantly going over to my friends place to flirt with him WHILE we were dating. Since he was lonely and depressed he was of course tempted. She broke up with me after she “had my friend in her pocket" and after the break up my friend told me straight to my face that He would be dating her now inspite of my recent breakup and me still having feelings. .. This girl was a total slut witch now that I look back. She had been wanting to fuck my friend since she met him and she was looking for excuses to break up with me… I decided to stay around my “friend" only because he had the guts to say it to my face before anything happened and after 4 months she dumped him because her exboyfriend found out about the new guy she was dating and she was ashamed to be seen with my friend…. Its been 7 months now since THEIR breakup and my “friend" still misses her and hasn't even acknowledge the fact that he hurt me to begin with….. I am about to end relationship with him next week if I dont see evidence of genuine regret….. A good friendship destroyed by a selfish stupid slut …
To forgive and stay or to forgive and go?
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