Any advice on how I should eat as a girl?

I’m just asking because I’m stumped on what’s the right way because I’ve heard half of opinions saying girls should not finish their whole meal and eat dainty and to be lady like and then other half of opinions are saying it doesn’t really matter what or how a girl eats.

I normally finish my whole meal if it’s big or a lot because I was taught not to waste unless my grandmother or someone else wants to eat the rest of my food or if it can be saved for later in the fridge. Other times if I eat, I just go for small amounts of food because I get really full most of the time after eating a bit.

But I just don’t know how am I supposed to eat? How do you think a girl is supposed to eat or be lady like? (Because I’ve heard some people say that girls should be lady like and etc.

J just thought that the way I was eating was wrong and started questioning myself and came here to ask what everyone else thinks.
Any advice on how I should eat as a girl?
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