The Type of Girl im seeing based on show she watches?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

i am currently getting to know a beautiful gal
(she is very beautiful to me) that LOVES this show called "Yellowjackets" she dresses like a tomboy and says she is a "They/Them". she has green eyes and kinda golden brown hair and tan eyebrows. she is 5'4" and kinda pale with freckles on her face and I ADORE HER SO MUCH🤤💕 but i don't wanna scare her off, so i am getting to know her very slowly. i already saw potential in her as a lifelong partner (or i could be my imagination going wild). she has a degree in Anthropology and was playful with me when i met her. i send her messages on discord and she responds but does not respond to all my messages and sometimes she just stops responding. so based with all your collective experience in this internet of things, what kind of gal do you think im about to date, should i stop or keep going?
should i ask her out?
should i keep getting to know her?
should i stay clear?
Other? add your opinion here.
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2 mo
My fellow Users, thank you for answering my questions, she just told me that she was seeing someone and that she is lesbian. she wants to be a good partner and i told her i truly wish her the best. mabey she might change later and i hope she comes to me but , thats just to much to ask. im heartbroken. i thought i really had a wife there😔💔
The Type of Girl im seeing based on show she watches?
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