Are girls jealous of me or I am just weird and people hate me?

Hi! I have noticed at work some people tend to dislike me and be rude to me, but in the last few years I have noticed a pattern. Most people that are rude to me are girls my age.

Generally, men are very kind to me (both heterosexual and homosexual), as well as older women. However, girls my age are not that nice. Sometimes they are nice to me but once in a while they say something “unintentionally” hurtful or with double meaning. I also noticed that sometimes they invite me to plans and sometimes they not. When I am in groups with them they sometimes kinda ignore me and don’t listen to me. I believe I treat everyone well and I always try to smile at other people and be nice, so there is no reason for that treatment. When I am in groups with men or older women usually everyone pays me a lot of attention and are kind.

I am starting to wonder if they are jealous of me, considering I believe I am physically attractive and I usually get a lot of men attention. However, sometimes I just get insecure and I think it’s my fault and it’s something about me. I have adhd and I understand that sometimes I can have weird habits, and in primary school I was bullied because of that, so sometimes they make me feel a little insecure.

Do you think they are jealous or it’s just something about me? Thanks for your support 🤗

Are girls jealous of me or I am just weird and people hate me?
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