Why Are Women So Petty Here?

I go on and on here about how much I love my wife but there's something really annoying she does. Because I grab her butt all the time, but she grabs my butt often too.

That's just such a petty thing she does. I ask her,

- Me: Why are you grabbing my ass?
- Wife: Because you grab mine all the time.
- Me: But I like to do it. I'm urged to do it.
- Wife: Me too! I love it as well.

No she doesn't, WTF! If it was enjoyable to her, she should have done it way sooner. I wouldn't have started a trend. She would have started it on her own.

She only started doing it a lot after I started doing it a lot, and I know how someone who enjoys grabbing someone's ass would respond, like if I was gay and grabbed my own butt. It's not the way she does it. Her way is retaliatory.

It's not like she's really enjoying it in a nice way like a very kind person enjoys grabbing someone else's butt. She's enjoying it like a mean person. It's a bullying way. Mine is a kind way

So it's just childish and petty in my perspective. It's vengeful, petty, rude.

Then she's like, "Well, what about when you grab my butt?" That's not the same thing! I actually wanted to do it very much. I was thinking about it the whole time.

She doesn't understand my endocrinology! She's like an endocrinologist. She's like a racist or a sexist but she's totally discriminating against differences in endocrinology and totally projecting.

That's what a lot of people do in my experience is that they just project what they would feel in a situation and assume others would feel the same way. And I'm really disappointed by the lack of empathy here. Technically if we lived in a more empathetic world, I should be able to grab her butt all the time and she would appreciate what I did and she would never grab my butt.

I'm just disappointed by the lack of maturity.

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I got drunk again. Apologies to everyone for my incoherence. I relapsed towards the end of March and I've gotten way drunk since like 6 times already since then. It seems funny to me when I'm so intoxicated and thinking I'm being whimsical but I re-read and am like, "WTF is wrong with me?"
Why Are Women So Petty Here?
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