Why does guys look but never approach you?

I'm so sick of these guys at my school checking me out or catching them glance at me and not talking to me. At all. I don't understand it either. Granted I understand it's absolutely terrifying to deal with the possibility of rejection, but I'm really sick of being gawked at and not knowing exactly why.

The guys who do gawk at me are these popular jocks whom I've met in passing and I'm a reserved design major. They always stare and watch me at dance at parties and whatever, but they never talk to me and they go find other girls to talk to, yet I catch them all over campus glancing at me.

Why spend all that time staring at me, never approach me, and act like they're too good for me and talk to other girls? I'm just minding my own business. I'm not bitchy, or ugly or weird or anything and they're always treating me weird and giving my sly glances...
Why does guys look but never approach you?
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