Why are girls so protective of their guy friends?

I've liked this guy for quite some time... and we have all of the same friends. There are these two girls that are CONSTANTLY around him when we're all hanging out, and they both have boyfriends and HAVE HAD these boyfriends for 4+ years! Not to mention, the boyfriends are best friends with the guy I like.

It's not even like I try to compete or have him all to myself, and I don't get jealous when he hangs out with girls. But these girls... it's like every time I say ANYTHING about me and him hanging out or spending time together... they always rebuttal with something like "Oh well, he and I went to this concert together..." or something that refers to a time THEY spent time with him.

They act like they have the biggest crush on him, but they have great boyfriends of their own that they live with and love a lot. So what's the fascination?

Granted, he's never had a girlfriend and he's never had sex. One of these girls mentioned to everyone last night "Well he and Claire hooked up last summer but I was not gonna let him have sex with her because she's a dirty whore... he hasn't had sex and he's waiting for the right girl, and she obviously hasn't come along yet..." and she looked me right in the eye when she said it.

They constantly flirt with him and treat me as if I'm a threat. Sometimes it seems like he likes me but I don't know...

Why are they so protective of him? I have guy friends that I am extremely close to but I don't treat them like they're my property..

I just don't understand it. How can I make them stop? They're acting like they're in highschool when we're all adults now... I mean when you're 22 there's a certain level of maturity that you should have and these girls obviously don't have it.

Why are girls so protective of their guy friends?
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