Why is he protective over me?

Why are guys protective of their girl friends?

I was wondering why guys are so protective of their friends that are girls? One of my guy friends tends to be very protective of me. When it starts to get a little dark outside, sometimes he will walk me home so that I feel safe. If I get freaked out by walking out at night " It's OK, because your with me", and he'll make it seem like when I'm with him, I wouldn't get hurt or get hit by a car because he would either push me out of the way before I get hit, or stop me from going in front of a moving car if I was out of it, or something by putting his arm out in front of me as a barrier between me and the car. Then, he'll make sure not to bring me anywhere with people he knows I would feel uncomfortable around. For instance, there was a drunk couple stood near me and he told me to stand near him. 

One time he grilled me about my abusive ex-boyfriend for two hours and kept asking intimate questions about our relationship. He kept asking me 'do you still text him?' And 'was there anybody else you've been with' 

So why is it that he's so protective of me? Why does he act as if when I'm with him, he'll always make sure that I am safe and he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me? 

Why is he protective over me?
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